Why was Star Lord right in Avengers Infinity War?


Star Lord’s act which most of the fans didn’t loved, was actually right and was necessary for Avengers to win. But how?

Thank you Star Lord

Today when I was scrolling Reddit for some Premium quality Memes, I saw this post and thought let’s find out if Star Lord was right or wrong in Avengers Infinity War.

After some logical thinking and revising Avengers Infinity War(which I love doing) I’m with some observations on Why Star Lord was actually right in Avengers Infinity War.

And if any other Avenger was there on his place, he would have done the same. For Eg: Tony Stark did the same when he heard that Bucky did killed his parents without even finding the truth.

Tony Stark in Civil War

Doctor Strange is the only one who has seen Avengers EndGame and it’s other 14 million and 5 alternatives. And he knew that Star Lord would surely mess the thing up. That’s why he didn’t stop him and let him do the worst. Doctor Strange knew that The only possibility in which they win is Star Lord messing it up or any other messing it up and Thanos gets the Infinity Guantlet.

Thanos should have the Gauntlet and that’s why he also gave the Time Stone and saved Tony. Or it could be that the Decimation must occur for the Avengers to win.

People also said that Star Lord was the one responsible for the Decimation but don’t forget that he gave us a much better version of Avengers Infinity War which is Avengers Endgame. And it will surely focus on our old Avengers and their sacrifice to build a new world. Which would be a new phase for Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And after the acquisition of Fox by Disney, Fantastic Four, X-Men and Deadpool return home. Namor’s right which werw actually complicated to know are also back to Marvel Studios.Doctor Strange director, Scott Derrickson posted this on his Social Media. But the main thing is that he also deleted it after posting it.

Namor in Doctor Strange II

This could be that Namor could have a cameo in Doctor Strange II. Or could be the concept art of the Post-Credit scene.

Ok so back to Star Lord, if he didn’t take this step then there couldn’t be any chance that Avengers could win against Thanos. And Star Lord had to do this for Marvel Studios to make Avengers EndGame. (Just Kidding)


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