Who is the Strongest Avenger? Thor or Hulk or Captain Marvel?


If you haven’t yet watched Captain Marvel, then please watch it first and then read this because this may contain Spoilers.

Don’t forget to check The Strongest Avenger missing in Avengers EndGame Trailer.¬†

So, after introducing Captain Marvel in Marvel Cinematic Universe, the biggest question is who is the strongest or most powerful Avenger? Thor / Hulk / Captain Marvel / Any Other? Let’s break it down into detail.

When the first Avenger (2012) was released Hulk was meant to be the strongest Avenger, and he was the strongest in Age of Ultron too when he fought HulkBuster. But was just till Thor Ragnarok.

In Thor Ragnarok, Thor defeated Hulk in a battle but Grandmaster stopped Thor and tased him. Thor was still the winner. He’s was the most strongest after then, But what after the introduction of Captain Marvel?

She can move planets but her power is no match to Hulk’s ability to move and even destroy planets with a single Knockout. But the strongest here doesn’t only consider strength but intelligence too. But Hulk has 7 PhDs right? No, Bruce Banner has PhDs and Hulk is all about Smashing. So he’s out of the strongest Avenger competition.

Captain Marvel is very intelligent and is also very courageous as she was shown in Captain Marvel. She can move through space just like Thor, she can take down many spacecrafts alone just like Thor. She has enhanced Durability, Strength, Speed, can also shoot Photonic Blasts. She is also specially trained by Kree Noble Warriors and was also a part of US Military.

Thor in Odin Force


Thor has the Odin Force and a Thanos killing weapon but still failed to stop him. Thor has strength no doubt¬† but he’s still he lacks a bit intelligence. Captain Marvel and Thor are almost of the same strength but if Thor’s weaponry is taken away his Thunder also can’t take Captain Marvel Down.

Captain Marvel is the most powerful being in MCU, in strength, intelligence and personality too if you see it.


If Odin was alive he would be the strongest being in Marvel Cinematic Universe and is also a King.

Odin’s Powers are unmatched, even if Thor has Odin Force he still can get as powerful as Odin.


1. Captain Marvel



4.Doctor Strange

5. Wanda Maximoff (Scarlett Witch)



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