Toronto Raptors take lead in Game 3.


With No Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, And Kevon Looney, Golden State Warriors had a though fight against Toronto Raptors. Stephen Curry shows that he’s the best in his job with Taking the opportunity to score 47 Points. And Draymond Green with 17 points. The Fourth Quarter hustle was the best, Steph and Green’s Steals were awesome. McKinnie should have done better, Cousins scored 4 points, less of Iguodala in the game.

Raptors vs Stephen Curry

Toronto Raptors took proper advantage of the game and did relatively well. With a lead of 12 points, that’s no better play they would have today. Kawhi Leonard with 30 points, Kyle Lowry with 23. Ibaka had a well played game with 6 blocks. Overall Raptors did well but Golden States efforts didn’t count much because it was like Stephen Curry vs the Raps.


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