Swamp Thing’s another Teaser released, makes it more horror than ever.

Swamp Thing Teaser

Swamp Thing TV series will be releasing on 31st May on DC Universe. With the success of Doom Patrol on DC Universe, Swamp Thing will get some more viewership. The Finale takes place today. Don’t miss it. Screenrant has also reviewed Swamp Thing. You need to read it.

Swamp Thing will be Scary and fans really need to be though. The roughness and brutality of the show will almost kill softhearted people. Swamp Thing looks to get into people and kill them. And then after all he founds his love and then tries to protect her. Not the real plot but was teased by a Fan on Reddit.

Swamp Thing is my personal favorite character from DC. He sacrificed himself in Injustice Gods Among Us when the reality was destroyed by Spectre’s overused magic. I really look to watch this series and every fan needs to start pushing DC for more things like this. DC is really underrated and their presentation has been bad in making a Cinematic Universe.

Let’s Hope Swamp Thing will help bring back DC’s faith just like Aquaman and Titans.


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