Spiderman Far From Home Official Runtime Revealed.


Marvel Studios’ last movie of Phase 3,Spiderman Far From Home runtime has been revealed. It will be 4 minutes shorter than Spiderman Homecoming with 2 hours and 9 minutes. While Homecoming was 2 hours and 13 minutes long. This movie will surely give us a different side of Marvel Cinematic Universe as the original six have now become three.

With 4 Snaps taking place in Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth 616) it’ll have some consequences of itself and people can’t apply science to this. Spider-Man will step up as a Superhero after the death of Tony Stank(Stark) and will most probably be the new face of Phase 3 alongside Black Panther and Doctor Strange.

Even though he’s a kid, he has proved that he’s worthy to be a hero and that he doesn’t need a suit for that. (Actually he doesn’t need any Stark Suit I should say). With that in mind we should be looking to be surprised with Iron Man’s Secret in the movie and with other Multiversal surprises.

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