Spiderman Far From Home new released Stills from the movie.


Spiderman Far From Home will end the Phase 3 and set the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The production has released some Stills from the movie which explains a bit. The Stills are perfectly shows the leads. Have a look at them.

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The first still shows Peter Parker spending time with MJ. And they’ll have some chemistry in Far From Home. Peter really likes MJ and has also claimed it in all the trailers. If you have missed the Final Trailer (Leaked), watch it.
The other Stills show, Nick Fury trying to explain or scold Happy Hogan. As they take control of the rescue situation. Ned also tries to take control of the situation and trying to save his friends. And the last, Quinten Beck trying to explain something, mostly Multiverse to Peter and Nick Fury.

Spiderman Far From Home will be a bit complicated until it gets released because of Mysterio. He’s an aly or a foe. We all know he’s best at making illusions. What if he’s just acting to play as a hero. Marvel Studios love to play with fans by misleading them in trailers. And the best example is The Skrulls in Captain Marvel.  Tom Holland claims that he’s an Aly. 
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