Spiderman Far From Home, Hydro-Man clip released and Avengers EndGame Re Release News.

The Elementals will be a big part of Phase 3’s last movie, Spiderman Far From Home. And Peter isn’t yet ready to get over Tony’s Death (worst that a break up). He moved on after Liz left her but Tony he’ll always be the one close to him. And Peter is on a vacation with his friends in London.

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But on the vacation he meets with some creatures from Multiverse. (Just Superhero things — No vacation without chaos). Peter can’t fight Hydro-Man but then Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio arrives and takes the spotlight. This is the scene after which they discuss about him and says he’s like Thor and Strange (Iron Man actually).

Take a look at the clip above. Spiderman Far From Home will release on 2nd July and in India it’ll be 5th July. And on 28 June in Japan.

There are many news that Avengers EndGame will be re-released with extra credit scene and Deleted Scene.

– Thor vs Thor in 2013 (Mostly)

– And mostly something related to Spiderman Far From Home.

The ending won’t be changed but extras would be added. And this is to dethrone Avatar at Box Office. At last it’s proved that Avatar is unbeatable till now. And I don’t think that there’s some movie that will break it. Mostly Avatar 2 will give a competition to Avatar. (Just a Speculation).

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