Science behind Spiderman’s Web.


The video added below is released by Tech Insider. (Watch the video of Spiderman’s Web Physics at the end of this post)  They explain how Peter Parker created this Spider Web instead of choosing something like FishPod Rope. This is theoretically explained by Jim Kakalios, author of “The Physics of Superheroes”.

The Spider Web is made out of Spider Silk. It contains two components — extremely rigid Nanocrystals and Stretchy and elastic polymers which make it pliable. Peter would have used most of his knowledge to combine complicated chemicals and build a single Silk. Or instead of using Nanocrystals he would have used Carbon Nanotubes — strongest thing known to human. A 2mm of string can hold weight upto 900 pounds.

It is also stronger than Steel and approximately 100 times. And the size of Spiderman’s Web it can hold up to 40000 pounds. So the Cruze scene is real. If we can make Thread out of Spider Silk, the manufactured cloth would be stronger than Kevlar.


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