Punisher and Wilson Fisk in Avengers EndGame?


Frank Castle and Wilson Fisk in Avengers Endgame Trailer. Spotted in the utility pole when Scott Lang was looking at it.

Punisher in Avengers EndGame

Frank Castle and Wilson Fisk missing posters on the utility pole. Though the producers said that Marvel TV and Marvel Cinematic Universe are not the same. If this is true then Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel TV will unite. As there are many references of Avengers in Iron Fisk, and The Punisher.

Wilson Fisk isn’t dead neither Frank Castle. But after the Decimation they can be disintegrated. If this is true then my theory on an alternative universe in Avengers Endgame will come true. This is where Spiderman Far From Home events take place.

Frank Castle and Wilson Fisk teaser in Avengers Endgame will make both the universes unite or will create an alternative universe which will remain the same, but this will add X-Men in anyone of them. Probably Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney-Fox deal to close this Wednesday, 20th March.



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