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Expected epic scenes from Avengers EndGame.

Just 11 Days for 2019’s most awaited blockbuster, Avengers Endgame. It’s the perfect time to get your expectations clear. Let’s see what all scenes we all expect for Avengers Endgame.

First of all I’m putting all of this according to me and the people I spoke to about Avengers Endgame. If I miss something, please comment in the bottom and make your expectations on this post.


The silent-comedy part of Marvel has always been the best to define and distinguish Marvel from other superhero movies. Like we had seen in Avengers:Infinity War where humor and the darkness part were collaborated in a proper mixer and all the credits goes to the writer’s team. And the first thing is we all expect this from Marvel as seen in it’s latest TV Spot where Racoon and Ant-Man have words.

Avengers Assemble:

Avengers Assemble scene in Avengers EndGame

Let’s not forget the epic deleted line from Avengers:Age of Ultron – Avengers Assemble. This is a famous line from Avengers Assemble cartoon series from Marvel. And this scene will be the most epic one because all of the fans know the line.

Tony and Steve’s Team up:

This would be the first time after the Civil War where Captain America and Iron Man will team up together and start the Avengers Initiative again. And the Avengers Assemble scene could be completed by this.

The Trinity:

The Trinity — Iron Man, Captain America and Thor— will fight Thanos altogether and then I think Captain Marvel will finish the rest. The Trinity will keep the fans enthusiastic around the movie. Which will be without Intervals but not in India.

Captain Marvel:

The most powerful Avenger to join the team will be Captain Marvel. But actually she isn’t the most powerful and I’ve added a theory on it. She will be the one who will be riding the ship to Thanos Planet and will also be the one to defeat him.

Natasha and Clint Friendship:

Like seen in the TV Spots and the trailers, Clint and Natasha will have a major role around the movie. Natasha will help Clint to get out of the Decimation trauma and join the league again just like Clint did to Wanda in Age of Ultron.

Stan Lee’s Cameo:

The most epic scene would be Stan Lee’s cameo. Just like fans liked the tribute in Captain Marvel, I think they will do something more epic than that in Avengers Endgame. Because it will be the last movie of Phase 3 and the End of the Infinity Saga. And also the end of epic cameos from Stan Lee.


This both movies — Infinity War and Endgame — are a story for Thanos and not the Avengers. So obviously he has to be at the heart of the movie. With his Sword and Infinity Guantlet let’s see how our Avengers defeat him.

Reverse Decimation:

This will be the first time, Avengers are fighting a supervillain God. And to reverse the Decimation will be the most difficult act for Avengers.

If I missed something, comment below so that I can update this list till 26th April.

Marvel’s “What If” series imagines Peggy Carter as Captain America.

Disney announced it’s Streaming Service to be released on 12 November, the day when Stan Lee died. And it’s charges will go as $6.99/month and $69.99/year.

Marvel has announced some TV shows to be related to Marvel Cinematic Universe’s superheroes such as Falcon and Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki and What If(animated).

Peggy Carter in What If

Marvel’s What If series first episode will imagine Peggy Carter as Captain America. This has happened in Marvel Universe in the What If comic series. This series was all about possibilities.

The series was a huge success for Marvel Comics. And the part of a female Captain America character was also played by Sharon Rogers. She was also in the games like Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Future Fight.

Showing Peggy as worthy for the serum, it will create a whole new Timeline for Marvel and I think they should have used it as an alternative timeline. This theory was shown in Flash where Barry creates a Paradox prominently known as Flashpoint Paradox. And seriously the Timeline is very confusing to understand,but anyways.

Peggy as Captain America in an animated show what is better than that. And personally —like most fans would expect— I want Marvel to show it’s animation like Spiderman: Into The SpiderVerse. Fans would love a series like this.


If we look at the business side of Disney’s new streaming service then it has already caused a damage (not severe) to Netflix. It’s share value has gone down to around 4%.

Shazam! Post-Credit Scene Explained.

This post contain Spoilers for the DC’s latest movie SHAZAM! Please read on your own risk.

I wanted to post this a long ago, but then my Instagram poll helped me to know that most of you haven’t yet seen it. So here we are after a week of the release to DC’s most loved Shazam! It had two credit scenes. One of which was released by DC on Youtube.

The First Credit scene was very important where Shazam With his Shazam! Family defeated Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. Sivana was then locked in a jail where he was figuring out ways to get the 7 Deadly Sins back to this realm. But the door wasn’t opening because he had lost the eye.

Mr. Mind in Shazam!

Fans were confused to know who this creature is. But I’ll get you clear with this. The Caterpillar is Mr. Mind. Now from the name itself we can guess he can control minds. Let’s get the Credit scene cleared first. So he came to the locker room and said Sivana that there are many ways to find Magic then the way he used before. And Mr. Mind will help Sivana get it. And the Scene ends.

So now let’s get back to Mr.Mind’s Superpowers. He can alter realities, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Genuis Level Intellect, and is also multilingual. His powers are no match for a caterpillar(Just Kidding). This is a great start for DC to get back in the game against Marvel.

Personally I loved the movie, overall I’ve rated it as 6.7/10 because it lacked a bit action but according to a 15 years old boy it was still impressive. And the last Fight Scene was epic. Billy used his Intelligence to defeat Sivana and the 7 Deadly Sins. It was all because of Envy.


Marvel’s Shows Expected release on Disney+?

Disney announced it’s Streaming Service to release on 12 November, 2019 with charges $6.99/Month and $69.99/Year.

The Disney Streaming Service Disney+ will release on 12th of November this year. If you don’t remember then, this was the day when Stan ‘The Man’ Lee died last year. So I think it’s surely not a coincidence.

Disney+ has planned for a long time for this Streaming Service to make up and complete with Netflix. It’s very difficult for it to compete Netflix in it’s first year. Well Disney+ will stream All Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic Shows on it’s streaming service.

If we talk about Marvel, Netflix has cancelled all of it’s TV series right from, Daredevil to The Punisher. And personally I think that’s a great mistake. Daredevil and Punisher had the best reviews and also the best acquired audience. But Marvel then said they will release them on Hulu.

But then after Disney+ they said they’ll be releasing 4 Marvel TV Series related to the MCU. WandaVision, Loki, Falcon and Winter Soldier and at last Scarlett Witch. Here are some expectations on the releases of the shows.

Disney +

Avengers EndGame Sneak Peek Clip.


Marvel Studios released the Avengers EndGame Sneak Peek on Good Morning America just like the last time with Avengers Infinity War. The clip shows the Avengers planning to take down Thanos with all they have and maybe this would be the scene where Tony and Nebula arrive on Earth. We haven’t yet spotted Rocket in the Clip. So maybe he can bring them back or something like that.

And Thor really likes to mess with people who believe they are powerful. Captain Marvel also said that she didn’t needed to come on earth because they have the Avengers and non of the planets had their own mightiest heroes.