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Stan Lee’s Alliances :A trick of light release announced.


Stan Lee’s Alliances :A trick of light has been announced and the Amazon Audible version will be released on June 27. The story will bring some Stan Lee’s characters and his life a bit and it’ll be much more for some writers who want to get into Comics.

So get ready for it. Click the Product link below and add it to your wishlist.

Amazon Explains the product as —

Set in Stan Lee’s Alliances Universe, co-created by Lee, Luke Lieberman, and Ryan Silbert, and along with Edgar Award–nominated co-writer Kat Rosenfield, Stan Lee delivers a novel packed with the pulse-pounding, breakneck adventure and the sheer exuberant invention that have defined his career as the creative mastermind behind Marvel’s spectacular universe.

“Leave it to Stan Lee to save his very best for last. A Trick of Light is as heartfelt and emotional as it is original and exciting. What a movie this one will make.”—James Patterson

“For lovers of Stan Lee this is nothing short of a publishing event! (And, honestly, who the hell doesn’t love Stan Lee?) Beguiling, cinematic, operatic, A Trick of Light is a bracing espresso first thing in the morning and the thrum of a familiar love deep at night.”—Gary Shteyngart, author ofAbsurdistan and Lake Success

About the Author

STAN LEE was known to the world as the man whose superheroes propelled Marvel to its preeminent position in the entertainment industry. His co-creations included Spider-Man™, The Avengers™, Black Panther™, X-Men™, Iron Man™, The Incredible Hulk™, The Fantastic Four™, and hundreds of others. Lee continued to serve as Marvel Entertainment’s Chairman Emeritus until his death in 2018. Lee was also the Chairman & Chief Creative Officer of Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment®, which he founded with production partner Gill Champion and Arthur Lieberman.

™All trademarks are owned by Marvel Entertainment, LLC.

KAT ROSENFIELD is a pop culture and political writer and the Edgar Award–nominated author ofAmelia Anne is Dead and Gone (2012) and Inland(2014). A former reporter for MTV News, her work has appeared in outlets including WiredVulture,Entertainment WeeklyPlayboyUS Weekly, and TV Guide.

RYAN SILBERT is an award-winning author, filmmaker and founder of Origin Story Entertainment. Recent projects include God of Love(Oscar winner) and Spike Lee’s The Girl Is in Trouble; forthcoming projects include Stephen King’s The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, a prestige slate of legacy projects from horror legend George A. Romero, in partnership with Sanibel Films, and a collaboration with James Patterson Entertainment.

LUKE LIEBERMAN is a writer and filmmaker who started his career in entertainment under the mentorship of Stan Lee. He is responsible for the relaunch of the Red Sonja franchise and overseeing more than 50 graphic novels; writing numerous issues himself, including the upcoming Red Sonja: Birth of a She-Devil for Dynamite Entertainment.


Spiderman Far From Home, Hydro-Man clip released and Avengers EndGame Re Release News.


The Elementals will be a big part of Phase 3’s last movie, Spiderman Far From Home. And Peter isn’t yet ready to get over Tony’s Death (worst that a break up). He moved on after Liz left her but Tony he’ll always be the one close to him. And Peter is on a vacation with his friends in London.

Also Watch : Spiderman Far From Home Final Trailer (Yet to Release – Spoiler) 

But on the vacation he meets with some creatures from Multiverse. (Just Superhero things — No vacation without chaos). Peter can’t fight Hydro-Man but then Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio arrives and takes the spotlight. This is the scene after which they discuss about him and says he’s like Thor and Strange (Iron Man actually).

Take a look at the clip above. Spiderman Far From Home will release on 2nd July and in India it’ll be 5th July. And on 28 June in Japan.

There are many news that Avengers EndGame will be re-released with extra credit scene and Deleted Scene.

– Thor vs Thor in 2013 (Mostly)

– And mostly something related to Spiderman Far From Home.

The ending won’t be changed but extras would be added. And this is to dethrone Avatar at Box Office. At last it’s proved that Avatar is unbeatable till now. And I don’t think that there’s some movie that will break it. Mostly Avatar 2 will give a competition to Avatar. (Just a Speculation).

MTV Awards Winners – Marvel Editions.

MTV Awards 2019

MTV Awards 2019 which took place at California today gave some good news to Marvel Fans. With 4 Awards to Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and characters, it’s a great thing for fans and Marvel. I wanted this to happen.

Best Fight – 2019
Captain Marvel MTV Awards 2019
Captain Marvel by Bosslogic

Brie Larson got the Best Fight of 2019 Award for Captain Marvel. And this would be the final fight scene which was amazing and got my heart. And it was really an empowering moment. The Kung-Fu Bow was amazing.

Best Villain – 2019
Josh Brolin MTV Awards 2019
Thanos by Bosslogic

Just like we all knew, Josh Brolin was awarded with the best villain of 2019 for Thanos. Well he deserved it, the high-level acting and dialogues with intensity. He’s Thanos. And I don’t know he would have shaped all the other nominees to get it.

Best Hero – 2019
Robert Downey Jr MTV Awards 2019
Iron Man by Bosslogic

And this was predicted by most of the fans. His acting and actions of Avengers EndGame got him to this. The creator of Marvel Cinematic Universe wins it for Iron Man. 11 Years of Journey and the only thing left is an Oscar. Still we should give an applaud for Zachary Levi and Brie Larson who were also nominated for Captain Marvel. But sorry Downey is here.

Best Movie – 2019

(📸:No Pics by Bosslogic, Will be updating it)

Just like it’s my rule, the main thing is always added to the end of the post for my best readers. This is also for you. But let’s cover this up. Avengers EndGame was awarded for best movie of 2019. Just as we all expected it to be. There’s no such movie with all that great intensity and roar of fans in theater (only in India). Everyone in the cast did a great job to fill the potholes of the Movie.

Marvel this is your year. And Fans this is ours too. Best movies and best announcements waiting to come and Phase 4. That’s a reason to not die.

Father’s Day Special message.


Happy Father’s Day to all of the father, If any reading this. If possible please share it with your father and let him know that he’s the best.

I was talking a look at my place right now and saw some people working on the sewage line of the society. It’s Monsoon here in India so they’re cleaning the pipes so that sewage doesn’t get block. Saw a kid (12/13 years old)  working with his father to clean them. I was looking at him for like 15 minutes and then his father started talking to him.

He said him that he’ll give him the money he gets from it. And said he won’t want any of it. After having a conversation with his son he went to get him some lunch. Even when he doesn’t have much in his pocket, he’s willing to give his sone what he needs. He says that I’ll get you a Lassi and a Some Snacks which will cost him around 50 Rupees. ($0.85 something).

The Father is willing to sacrifice his everything to make his son’s life better and give him what he wants. The same is my dad and almost every dad in the world. Always sacrificing everything for his sons and daughters. My father has sacrificed a lot for me and I’m not sure I’ll be doing the same thing or not. But I’ll always try to be the best he wants to see in me.

I think rather than posting a picture of your father and putting it on social media, let him know that he’s the best you’ve got and give him a letter, a little treat, a tight huge and don’t forget to touch his legs and say He’s the Best.

The only person who’ll always try to get you everything in this world is your Parents. And your Father, he’s working day and night collecting those pennies and giving you want you want and desire. That’s what only a God can do. Fathers are a blessing and don’t let them regret for all of they’ve done for you. They’re the Best.

Just take a few minutes to appreciate him not only today but everyday so that he knows that he sees what he wants in you —Not an occasional greeting but a lifetime blessing.

Please do Share it with me you Father. THANK YOU.

6×All-Star, Anthony Davis has been traded to the Lakers.


After trade rumors going around since January, Pelicans finally trade Anthony Davis to Lakers. The 6×All-Star player was traded to Los Angeles Lakers for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, the No. 4 overall pick in Thursday’s draft and two additional first-round selections.

Anthony Davis in LA Lakers

The Pelicans look to build a young team after the trade where they will most probably pick Zion Williamson as the No. Pick. If Zion ends up in Nola he’ll have a great season with, Lonzo, Ingram and Hart who have been great all season. Ingram was out for the end of Regular Season because of the Injury.

Lakers should rise up this season and get to the Finals somehow with Anthony Davis. Lebron James has missed this Playoffs and would have felt bad. (James misses a Playoff and whole another nation wins the Championship). Let’s see if Davis helps Lakers get a Championship.

Davis wanted to play side by side with his Favorite Basketball player, Lebron James. Ends up fulfilling it. Lakers now have a great team and a starting lineup, let’s see if they make this trade count.

NBA has a new champion, the Drake Curse is finally over.


Toronto Raptors after defeating Milwaukee Bucks in NBA Eastern Conference Finals, are now the NBA Champions. They have defeated the Warriors for the fourth time in Oracle Arena. With all five shooters getting their points up, Raptors win the Finals in Bay Area. The celebration was epic and the post game was brilliant too. 

Raptors had an amazing season this year and will return with much more fuel next season. After getting out of Spurs, Kawhi has done a great job and Danny Green has also been going well at the 3-pt Line. The Klaw has been awarded with the Finals MVP. Let’s talk about Warriors because they’ve lost a lot in this Finals.

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Moments of pure bliss! #WeTheNorth #NBAFinals

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Kevin Durant being injured due to right leg Achilles rupture, which the surgery has been successful. And Klay Thompson has met with a leg knee ACL injury, too. He came back for Free throw but wasn’t that good to play the whole game. Just like his record, he continued his Game 6 Streaks with 30 points.

Stephen Curry missed the last possession and was left alone to play with no splash brother and no KD. Still Warriors did a great job defending Raptors. But Fred Vanvleet, that guy deserves a medal. He did a great job from the 3-pt line today. With all that due respect we say that Drake Curse has ended.

DC drops the Pennyworth trailer.


Catch Alfred Pennyworth in his solo TV series, Pennyworth airing on Epix. The series will show Alfred Pennyworth’s journey in becoming the one closest to Wayne Family. He was a butler of Wayne family and we have seen it in Dark Knight trilogy. Pennyworth had some cool adventures in his past and was also a veteran (I should say). He’s the best of any billionaire can get as a butler.

The TV series will also show how he met Thomas Wayne, and then become their butler when Bruce was born. The Series will also cover some drama after the war as we can clearly see in the trailer.

Starring Jack Bannon, Paloma Faith, Ben Aldridge, Hainsley Llyod Bennet, amd Polly Walker, Pennyworth will air on July 28 only on Epix.

Most insane Spiderman Far From Home Poster by Fan.

Far From Home Still

A Reddit user u/the_parippu_knight posted this on the subreddit r/comicbooks. The fan art he has made for Marvel Studios‘ upcoming project Spiderman Far From Home is insane. Have a look at it yourself.

Spiderman Far From Home Poster by Fan

The detailing for every lead character and villain is brilliant. The Elementals have been shown perfectly. Magnum, Hydro-Man, Molten Man and Electro are all in a balanced in Marvel Style. And Mysterio (how can we forget him) has given the look for the Poster. Just like Tom Holland spoiled it.

The poster looks amazing and has also been posted by Official Spiderman Far From Home page on Facebook.

The Multiverse and the theories popping out after the trailers has confused everyone. The plot is almost unpredictable for most and people don’t trust that Mysterio will help Peter Parker or become his mentor. But it’s Marvel no one knows what they think. All we can do is wait for the movie and enjoy it.

Loki Disney+ TV Series Logo and Concept Art, Leaked.


Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+ will feature TV series of some Marvel Characters. This includes Scarlett Witch and Vision, Loki, Falcon and Winter Soldier, and “What If”  animated series.

All of this lineups have been confirmed and will release in 2020. Loki TV series which will show the story lines of Young Loki, it’s concept art has been Leaked. And according to the Leaked concept art, it shows Loki in 1975. The logo for the TV series has also been Leaked.

Loki TV series Leaked information

This looks like a Marvel convention for the cast and crew and other investors and members of Disney Studios and  Marvel Studios. Kevin Feige, The President of Marvel Cinematic Universe, will —as always — be the executive producer of this TV series.

There are no other information about this show as the above ones have been Leaked by a member of any of these studios. There has been some information about Zemo’s return in Falcon and Winter Soldier. And What If’s first episode to show Peggy Carter as Captain America instead of Steve.

Robert Downey Jr announces the launch of Footprint Coalition to save the planet.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 28: Robert Downey Jr. attends the premiere of Columbia Pictures' "Spider-Man: Homecoming" at TCL Chinese Theatre on June 28, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Iron Man Actor, Robert Downey Jr has announced his plan to save the planet by cleaning it up. Speaking at Amazon‘s Re:Mars conference on Tuesday, in Las Vegas, RDJ said the Footprint Coalition will launch in April 2020, Variety Reported.

Robert Downey Jr Footprint Coalition

“Between robotics and nanotechnology, we could clean up the planet significantly, if not totally, in 10 years”, Says Robert. He has played Iron Man for more than a decade now and I think it has influenced him to get into this. The decision of Footprint Coalition sounds like a great deal.

There are no confirmation about what projects are too be launched or anything about it. It was just an announcement for the fans worldwide. And Robert has shown his interest in Environment protection, after all even making a same dent is important. You can also sign up to Footprint Coalition to receive Newsletter. 

Lil Dicky also released a song named EARTH, where he’s highlighted the problem of global warming and letting the audience to take the control. With collaborating with Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Rita Ora, Kanye West, Joel Embiid, Snoop Dogg and many others.

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