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Batman Defeats Darkseid


Darkseid is surely one of the Strongest and also the most evil characters DC has ever had. But Batman has once fought and also defeated him. 

After his late son’s(Damian Wayne) body was stolen and taken away by Apokolips,Batman Donned the Hellbat and defeated not only Darkseid, but also his army and his son, Kalibak. 

Hellbat Armor:

This armor was forged together by Justice League and designed and build by Batman, to fight battles beyond his strength limits. This armor’s first ever appearance was in BATMAN AND ROBIN (VOLUME 2) #33

Jared Leto’s Morbius Movie aims filming in February 2019.


Sony plans to start Morbius, the living Vampire starred Jared Leto early next year. Sony has their eye set on launching a Cinematic Universe of their own however they can. Spider-Man (Tom Holland) may be a part of MCU but Sony is creating it’s own Spider-Verse. And they’ll do so using almost all characters related to Spidey. And they have started with Venom. And A Trilogy has been contracted for Tom Hardy.

And the Next movie is Morbius the Living Vampire, not Spiderman:Into The SpiderVerse. Director of Morbius will be Daniel Espinosa (Life). First the production were to begin late in 2018,but now it’s officially confirmed that it will be early 2019.

The Script Writer from Lost in Space Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama. And mostly an early 2020 will be the release date for Morbius. But if it’s in late 2019, great news for fans to see Spiderman:Far From Home and Morbius one after other.

Fox The Gifted Season 2.


The Gifted is going to be the best show of Fox this year. 

Batgirl First Look


Batgirl which is now being played by Ruby Rose in Arrowverse’s Crossover event, which starts on December 9, First Look is out. 

Mark Ruffalo Spoils Title and End of Avengers 4.


All the things he revealed are all successful Trolls for Marvel Fans. The Directors, Russo Brothers and Mark Ruffalo, the green monster played well to fool everyone. 

Mark You’re Fired.


Another Marketing Strategy by MARVEL STUDIOS

After the Jimmy Fallon show, Mark Ruffalo tweeted Jimmy Fallon to remove all the scenes where he revealed Avengers 4 title, which many people have figured out by the lipsync to be Annihilation, and other Final battle scenes of Avengers 4

This is another strategy of MARVEL, like it has been doing since years and Mark Ruffalo hasn’t been Fired. It was just a troll for Marvel Fans, so everybody chill. But there are chances of Title being ANNIHILATION

Spiderman Far From Home, Set Footages.


Spiderman Far From Home hasn’t wrapped shooting yet so every week we are seeing many leaks from the sets. 

Comic Artwork


We’ll be adding some Comic Art work made by me and my Friends. It will include all Logos, Figures, and other fictional characters that we have made, so stay tuned.

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