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Captain Marvel Trailer Is Out


Marvel Studios Captain Marvel‘s Trailer has just been released. 


As per the trailer, Captain Marvel‘s Origin will be changed and will not be from the comics. Kree-Skrull War will be the greatest event in this movie. At a point,We can see Carol Danvers punching a woman, don’t get confused by it because she is a Skrull. Well most of you who don’t read comics don’t know that Skrull can Shape-Shift and get anyone’s shape and in the trailer one of them took the shape of an old woman.

And the Spaceship we saw in the trailer will most probably be of the Skrulls. And the First one which was blasted in the atmosphere was of Carol Danvers where is feels in a Shop named Blockbuster Video.

This movie is planned to release on 6th March 2019.I’ll be posting the breakdown of the trailer soon.


Joker First Look

Joaquin Pheonix by Todd Phillips

Upcoming Untitled Joker film directed by Todd Phillips, has just gave an Official First Look to Joaquin Pheonix as the Joker. Todd posted the image with a caption “Arthur”, which would be the name of the Joker before becoming the Joker.

This Would be a standalone origin movie for Heath Ledger’s Joker and won’t be a part of Worlds of DC(DCEU). But Warner Bros. Is also planning to make a standalone movie for Jared Leto’s Joker, too.

We’ll See the movie on 4th October 2019,when it hits Big Screen.

Batgirl on DC Universe


Warner Bros. Has ordered a Batgirl TV series to air on DC Universe till the year 2020. And the shooting will most probably start on February 2019.

DC just launched it’s new streaming service DC Universe Yesterday 15 September on the occasion of Batman Day. It will consist of DC’s famous TV series and movies including the animated ones like the Teen Titans Go,and some Toy stores I guess and it’s New service DC Daily. It’s now available to subscribers for 7.99$/Month and 74.99$/year. It’s total worth it to buy the subscription because it contains many things like Digital Comics and some old Movies and most of them are related to Batman because of the Batman Day.

It will contain new TV series like Titans, Doom Patrol and An Adult series on Harley Quinn. The service is already planning for content for 2020,and that’s a great thing. Mostly DC Universe will be successful or start getting traffic after it’s first series Titans which is airing on 12th October.

The Idea of Batgirl first appeared after Joss Whedon putting up a script to Batgirl but Warner Bros. Thought it would be controversial to have a male director for a female character. And So, the showrunner would be Melissa Rosenburg (Jessica Jones’s Showrunner) who is now leaving Marvel Netflix to work for Warner Bros.

Venom Storyline – 🚨SPOILER🚨

Well we all know that Venom is going to hit Theaters on 5th October, but there are some people who want to know about the movie even before it’s released. So, this one is for them  and as You know that this contains Spoilers. So, if You don’t want to know that just leave reading.
In San Francisco, journalist Eddie Brock interviews serial killer Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson). Brock’s Girlfriend, lawyer Ann Weying (Michelle Williams), works for Life Foundation. It’s CEO Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), retrieves a space probe containing symbiotes and attempts to merge them with disabled vagrants, leading to their deaths and attacking Brock’ s attention.
Aided by Dr. Dora Skrith(Jenny Slate), Brock breaks into Life Foundation headquaters and is attacked by one of Drake’s subjects, Donna Diego (Michelle Lee), who has been driven insane by her symbiote, Scream. Brock merges with another symbiote as shown in the trailer, Venom,who helps him escape. Scream escapes and another symbiote Riot infects Dr. Emerson Collins (Reid Scott). Brock is ambushed by mercenaries led by Drake’s enforcer Roland Treece (Scott Haze) at his apartment, but feds them off with the help of Venom. Venom reveals that the symbiotes want to kill him for experiencing what his hosts experience rather than consume them, and makes a deal with Brock to use him as a host to regain his strength in exchange for Brock using Venom’s power to help people. Scream locates them and attempts to kill them but Venom manages to kill her Before Brock is captured by the Life Foundation.
Drake kills Skrith, tortures Brock, and plans to launch another probe to bring more symbiotes to Earth. Riot possesses Drake and begins slaughtering Drake’s personnel to find Venom.Ann arrives and frees Brock, who orders her to proceed the launch. Venom lures Riot, allowing Venom to impale him onto the probe as it takes off. Ann exposes the Life Foundation,leading to Treece and his men being arrested and become fascinated by the symbiotes,while Brock and Venom escape and go on as the city’s “Lethal Protector”. So this is how the movie ends amd Everyone of us know that superhero movies never end until and unless credit scenes are shown. In Mid-Credit Scene, the probe is drifting through the space when it is swarmed by hundreds of symbiotes. In an After-Credit Scene, Treece arrives in prison

Henry Cavill Exits Warner Bros. And DC Comics


A Hollywood Interviewer has just confirmed that the Hope of DC Comics, I mean Henry Cavill has Just exited DC Comics and Warner Bros.

Most of the Superfans who were waiting for Man Of Steel 2 Starring Henry Cavill just remained a dream. After this news Warner Bros. Said that they weren’t even planning for MoS2.

Henry Cavill’s Fans want him to be in Marvel Cinematic Universe, well that’s a great thing but I don’t think Henry wants to do a superhero movie anymore. Or I think he just exit Warner Bros. Because of Zack Synder not directing any movie related to Superman. Who will Quit to a role which has Superpowers and is well known to the world and is the Symbol of Hope.

And If Henry plans to be in Marvel  most of the fans have set some roles for him, which includes Captain Britain, Hyperion(copy of Superman), Nova etc…….. But personally I think he should have stayed in DC, or a simple reason would be that his buddy Ben Affleck has also exited the role of Batman.

Chance for Shahrukh Khan In Marvel Studios.


Shahrukh Khan is Said to be in Marvel Studios, but only if it’s an Indian Content. From this my guess is that they are working on Spiderman India Version or Indra mostly because of this both being very famous among most of the Indians.

Marvel Studios Vice President Stephen Wacker said that they are working on a plan for their fans from India. Marvel is well known among most of the Indians and Shahrukh Khan is a great bollywood actor, too So, it’s a win win for Marvel.

But most of us would be thinking that he gave a SuperFlop movie on a superhero RA.One. But we know this is Marvel. And we shouldn’t forget that Hugh Jackman said that after him Shahrukh is one of thr person who could play Wolverine, but We Know Tom Hardy can do it better than him because of his accent and brilliant acting.

Daredevil Season 3 Release Date


Netflix Thailand tweeted this on it’s feed yesterday,stating the release date of Daredevil Season 3.If translated in English,It says,”I was dying as a devil.I live a better life as Mattew Murdock.October 19 Meet Daredevil Season 3.”

The first two season were a big hit given by Marvel in TV series.Both the season had Wilson Fisk AKA King Pin as the villain. But this one is rumored to have Bullseye as the main villain. Last time we saw Mattew Murdock getting buried under a building in The Defenders and was sawed by some nuns I guess.

Daredevil will come back and we all knew that and it’s time we’ll see him again in action.Some of you who have ben reading my post will be knowing that October is going to awesome because of some TV series and movies ready to take their flight.Flash Season 5 ,Black Lightning Season 2 ,Tom Hardy’s Venom and now Daredevil Season 3.


Black Lightning Is Back


Most of the DC fans would have seen it’s TV series Black Lightning which was aired on CW Network on 16th Of January  consisting of 13 episodes only and went as a successful TV series with Flash Season 4.

Directed by Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil starred Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce AKA Black Lightning, Nafessa Williams as Thunder, China Anne McClain as Lightning and Krondon as Tobias Whale.

Tobias Whale had met at the time when Jefferson Became Black Lightning and once they were enemies long before the timeline shown in the series(People who have seen this series would be knowing this). Black Lightning had retired after the worst fight he had with Whale and had rested for a long time being the Principal.

Jefferson came back as Black Lightning after knowing that the GreenLight(drug which gave powers or enhanced abilities to humans) was running around in the city. And this drug gave Her Daughter the powers she has now and is now known as Lightning.

Season 2 will air on 9th October with Flash And on the same platform CW Network with 3 more episodes compared to season 1,That means 16 Episodes.

DC’s Titans


Titans is an upcoming Tv series of DC which will air On DcUniverse(the DC’s Official Streaming website). It will air on 16th Of October which is one week after Flash season 5.

Rumors are there that Titans will be released on Netflix for all International Fans. Which is great move by DC. Titans Season 1 will have 12 episodes created by Akiva Goldsman, GeoffJohns and Greg Berlanti,Starring Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson AKA Robin, the leader of the team with Anna Diop as Star Fire, Teagan Croft as Raven and Ryan Patter as Beast Boy.

I Personally want the series to be released on Netflix too. Because DcUniverse Services are not Available for my Country. But I’ll watch it anyhow.

Venom – Tom Hardy


2018 has been a good year for comicbook fans beacuse of too many movies releasing this years.And till now we have seen Black Panther,Avenger:Infinity War,Ant-Man and The Wasp,Deadpool 2,Teen Titans:Go and The Death Of Superman and next one is Venom.

Release Date: 5 October

Directed by Ruben Fleischer this movie would be starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock AKA Venom,Michelle Williams as Anne Weying AKA She-Venom (Not sure If we’ll see here in this role),Riz Ahmed as Carlton Drake AKA Riot.

Sony Pictures Would making a trilogy of Venom and has signed a contract with Tom Hardy this year.Most of us who have seen Spider-Man 3 (2007) starring Tobey Marguie would have seen Venom on Big Screen. That Venom was not like the one what we are going to see this time.Tom Hardy has been well known for it’s badass role in Christopher Nolan’s Batman as Bane.

This time too he’s gonna do the same but much more badass then that one (Bane And Venom from Spiderman 3).