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Least Known Artifacts in Marvel Universe Part 1.


Almost everyone here would be knowing about Marvel.It is too much amazing to watch all that stuff in comics and movies.But have you ever thought what makes it amazing? NO!! Let me tell you then,It’s some what because of it’s artifacts,most of us would be familiar with Hofund(Heimdall’s Sword),Mjolnir,Captain America’s Shield,Cosmic Cube and whole lot more…..But all this are from movies,so what about artifacts with powers and uniquesness are all hidden in the comics.I’ll be mentioning 16 of them which are most powerful but are not well know by many of us,simply because they are hidden in the comics.

16. The Mandarin’s Rings

Most of people who watch Marvel Cinematic Universe don’t know about this rings,but the ones who read comics know what are this.Because of them not being in MCU,it’s placed at the 16th position on this list.

these 10 cylinders were Makluan pieces of technology.Each contained the soul of a long-dead legendary cosmic warrior,trapped in a phantasmal state limited by their respective device.They found their way to earth abroad the starship of Makluan explorer Axonn-Karr. having found by Mandarin,he beame a powerful villian of Iron Man.

The rings power includes gravity creation,matter arrangement,concussive blasts,vortex creation,disintegration beams,mind control,and the creation of absolute darkness.It has recently been revealed that each ring has it’s own sentience.

15.The Ultimate Nullifier

When it was first introduced in the 1960s in Fantastic Four comic series,it was referred as “the universe’s most devastating weapon”.It’s powers are so immense that the planet-eater Galactus fled upon seeing the device.Once whem Galactus was about to destroy our homeplanet,Uatu The Watcher intervened and showed the Human Torched the one weapon capable of defeating the Eater of Planets.It is one of the most powerful items in the entire Marvel Universe.

The Ultimate Nullifier has the ability to wipe anything out of existence.Nothing is safe from this device ,including people,cities,planets,niverses and even timelines when it comes to it.

14.The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

Octessence have you ever heard this ever before? No!! Who are Octessence?They are eight mystical being who argued over a stupid thing and that was that who was more powerful among all of them.many millennia ago.They quickly made a wager to settle their quarrel.So,each would put part of the essence into an object that would hold mostly a fraction of their emmense powers and abilities.

The avatar which proved to be strongest would win the bet.Cyttorak being one of them,forged a gem that was found by Cain Marko,stepbrother of Charles Xavier.Touching the magical item Marko was turned into the Juggernaut-a being unstoppable once on getting some momentum.

13. KA Stone

It’s origins can be tracked back the biblical time,found over 5000 years ago by Anath-Na-Mut.

Mut was the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II’s chief wizard an history’s very first mutant including Apocalypse.Mut stumbled upon the KA stone.Upon touching the stone ,he was turned into Sphinx,an immortal being with vast superhuman abilities.

The Gem gave Mut several powers,which mostly including flight,telepathy and energy manipulation.He became bored of his unending existence after five millenia.

12. The Casket of Ancient Winters

Winter can bring many chaos such as massive storms,power blackouts and impassable roads because of it being pretty damn cold.Little human storm have got nothing on the Casket Of Ancient Winter,an magical box containing the fimbulwinter of Ymir.(Father of Frost Giants)

Some of the powers of this artifact is that is can freeze everything that comes into contact with the force inside it,no matter who so ever it could be an animal,a vegetable,mineral.it could no only take down droves of mighty Asgardians,Ulik trolles and Frost Giants but it is even capable of spreading winter to the realm of death.(Hell)

Most of you must be thinking that why is this included in this list even when it has been in the movies.It’s because of the one after this one.

11. The Gems of Infinite Suns.

This gem can be used to cancel out the powers of Casket of Ancient Winters.It contains power and heat of the sunlight or multitude of suns.Thor has used this artifact to cancel out the Caslet’s powers against Malekith.

10. The M’Kraan Crystal.

Also known as the nexus of all realities,The M’Kraan crystal have a variety of uses.The object is powerful because of it being so fragile.

But inside the crystal lies what is believed to be inhabitant from the very first planet in the universe.(It contains an entire city of a lost alien race as well as neuron galaxy).If the crystal shatters,the entire universe would go with it. The alien race known as the Shi’ar Vigilantly stands guard,protecting the crystal and all of it’s existence.

9. The Wand Of Watoomb

Being a member of the Octessence ,Watoomb decided to put his powers into a wand.Doctor Strange after besting Cyrus Black(not Sirius Black from Harry Potter)won the right to carry the baton.

The Wand is used like a lightning rod(Just like Mjolnir but not at that level),focusing and enhancing the wielder’s magical abilities.With the Sorcerer Supreme,it’s a very dangerous weapon.

The wand can absorb just anything thrown at it.So,one doesn’t need to have powers or superpowers if said.It’s mostly used for forming shields,opening interdimensional gateway and other realities,controlling minds and creating monstrous armies.

This one exists in MCU but is still unknown so this one is also on the list.

Pepper Potts as Rescue in Avengers 4


Pepper Potts was rumored to appear as Rescue in Avengers 4. But noe it’s confirmed by this image. 

Pepper Potts as Rescue BTS 

Rescue is the Iron Woman Version. Her powers are Energy Emanation, Electric Field Generation, Magnetic Force Field,Enhanced Senses, Enhanced  Strength, and Regenerative Durability. 

I think Marvel will replace her with Iron Man in Phase 4 as it has promised that Marvel Cinematic Universe in phase 4 will be more of female lead. 

Darkseid Concept Art for Justice League


Everyone remembers DC’s Greatest failure JUSTICE LEAGUE. 

Warner Bros had removed more than 30 important scenes and Joss Whedon also deleted and remade some scenes. Black Suit for Superman, Barry Saving Iris, Green Lantern Cameos and many more. 

But this scene would have the made this movie great. Darkseid DC’s most powerful villain was in JL but Warner Bros just cut that. The concept art for Darkseid was released recently. Here’s how it was. 

Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date released


Gal Gadot just posted this on her Social Media and announced the Release Date for Wonder Woman 1984. 

20 JUNE, 2020 This is too late but we can hope they can plan it after looking at the success of Aquaman. 

Arrowverse’s Elseworlds Crossover


Stephen Amell as Flash and Grant Gustin as Green Arrow. 

This Crossover is going to be super awesome. Don’t know if this costume exchange is just a plan or their powers are exchanged. We have seen such kind of power exchange in Flash Before. 

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One does not simply walk in The Flash suit.

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