NBA Playoffs: Warriors take a win over Trail Blazers,lead the series by 2-0.

Golden State Warriors
In Game 1,The Splash Bros proved that even without KD they are the best team in the league. In Game 2 the same vibe goes on.

Splash Bros prove to be the champions of the league and lead the Warriors team even without Kevin Durant. They dare him to leave the team in 2019-2020 Season as he’s open for the Draft. Stephen Curry lead the team to victory, had 37 points. Klay Thompson was matched to C J McCullom. But he proves to the beat him always. He had 24 points tonight with 3 Rebounds and 2 Assists. Draymond did a great job rolling the ball to the players and had a defensive play over the court.

Trail Blazers against GSW

Trail Blazers had a better game than Game 1. Lillard and McCullom had done a great job to get the team to 111 points. While Warriors were leading by 3 points making it to 114 points. Damian had 23 points and 10 Assists which is really selfless. McCullom had 22 Points. Seth Curry had a great game with 16 Points off the Bench. He shows that he is really underrated while his shooting had improvd by 27% for the last season.

Stephen Curry is the real MVP and needs to be respected just like James and Wade said in a tweet. For Game 3 Trail Blazers need to work really hard on the defense and offense. Because Kevin Durant might be returning in Game 3.


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