NBA 2K20 Legends Edition and Standard Cover revealed.

NBA 2K Giannis and James Harden

NBA has finished all of it’s events right from Regular season to NBA Awards and Draft. And it’s Time for Summer League which begins Tomorrow (1-7-2019). The first game will be Los Angeles Lakers vs Miami Heat and then Sacramento Kings vs Golden State Warriors. And it’s time for some NBA 2K20 after a great season. Raptors winning the championship, Giannis Antetokounmpo had his MVP award and Zion Williamson was 1st overall pick.


I thought Giannis will be the Standard Cover for 2K this year but it was Anthony Davis who’s been traded to Los Angeles Lakers. James is giving his #23 Jersey to Anthony Davis and is adopting his #6 one again.

NBA 2K20 Legends Edition

Just like I said about this, Dwayne Wade is the Legends Edition of 2K20. He had a great season and also a wonderful retirement. He’s done a lot for Basketball and it’s fans. We’ll miss you #3. We love you 3000.

The Summer League will get you lit as it’s all fun Edition of NBA (for me). I was looking for something to watch other than WNBA. It’s Game Time Boys, Let’s go.

2K20 will release on September 6 which is a lot for most of us. So Stay Tuned. We’ll be adding some more news on it.


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