Most insane Spiderman Far From Home Poster by Fan.

Far From Home Still

A Reddit user u/the_parippu_knight posted this on the subreddit r/comicbooks. The fan art he has made for Marvel Studios‘ upcoming project Spiderman Far From Home is insane. Have a look at it yourself.

Spiderman Far From Home Poster by Fan

The detailing for every lead character and villain is brilliant. The Elementals have been shown perfectly. Magnum, Hydro-Man, Molten Man and Electro are all in a balanced in Marvel Style. And Mysterio (how can we forget him) has given the look for the Poster. Just like Tom Holland spoiled it.

The poster looks amazing and has also been posted by Official Spiderman Far From Home page on Facebook.

The Multiverse and the theories popping out after the trailers has confused everyone. The plot is almost unpredictable for most and people don’t trust that Mysterio will help Peter Parker or become his mentor. But it’s Marvel no one knows what they think. All we can do is wait for the movie and enjoy it.


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