Most anticipated movies of 2019, what’s on your watchlist?

Most anticipated movies of 2019 via Fandom

The movies in this List are most anticipated movies of 2019. Well I’m a superhero fan so my watchlist will surely have the superhero. I just wanted to know what you will watch and share my watchlist.

Glass is surely on the list. It’s a superhero movie where Kevin Wendall, David Dunn and Elijah Price are brought in a school or something close and are introduced to many others same as them. With supernatural abilities. This movie is a sequel to Split and Unbreakable.

Captain Marvel is definitely on the list. The movie will show fans how Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel. She will fight the Kree-Skrull War in the movie. She is Kree Noble warrior and will help Avengers to fight Thanos. But first I want to know where was she till all this time. (1995-2018)

Shazam is the first DC movie of 2019. The first trailer didn’t teased that much but it’s a comic accurate movie. The second trailer for Shazam will release next week with extra VFX and action scene of Shazam and Dr. Sivana.

I don’t like this HellBoy he just a worst Rip-off of Deadpool with no dark tone so that’s not what I would like to watch this year. But Avengers EndGame, that’s definitely on everyone’s watchlist. Thanos after wiping half of the creatures on the whole Universe is now happy and sad at the same time. Avengers will assemble for the last time and will defeat Thanos and the 6 Originals won’t be there in Future. Avengers EndGame is going to be worst than Avengers Infinity War. So I’m too much hyped for it.

John Wick is the best action movie after Mission Impossible series. He’s story is somewhat related to the Punisher’s. Frank and John both lose their family and become fearless to kill and get killed. The Part 3 is what I would like to watch because I love his style.

Xmen Dark Phoenix is not that much anticipated because of the delays. But still I’ll watch it because it’s the last time fans will see Xmen. Disney will recast and reboot the Xmen universe by adding it to Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spiderman :Far From Home will be a fun movie because we’ll see Spidey with Mysterio and the S.H.I.E.L.D. And the reverse Decimation effect will be the greatest twist for the movie. Hydro-Man is one of the villains confirmed. But fans are still waiting for the trailer which will be launched this week or the next one definitely.

Lion King will be a remake of the 1994’s epic animated movie The Lion King. Simba will beat his Uncle Scar with the help of his friends, Timon and Pumbaa. But I’ll wait for the phrase “HAKUNA MATATA”.

The New Mutants from the Xmen Universe was a worst plan for Fox. But still some fans will watch it. It’s all different Storyline and will be a Storyline of the survival of new Mutants just like in The Gifted.

Joker is DC’s best project for 2019. The first time, fans will see the Origin of Joker. Joaquin Pheonix is perfect for the role of Joker. Better than Jared Leto. The shooting is wrapped now and the movie is going for post production.

Star Wars :Episode IX is the last movie for 2019. The best Universe after Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter Universe and Conjuring Universe is Star Wars Universe. This are the best Universe which I never miss to watch on. Sith will return as an enemy and there are rumors that there is a greater threat than Sith, I’m not sure if it’s true. But this will the best movie of the year after EndGame and Lion King.


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