Marvel’s Multiverse: Part 1 ~ What is Multiverse?

Spiderman Far From Home teases the existence of Multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But most of the Fans who are new don’t know much about Multiverse. You don’t have to worry I have your back.

Marvel is Introducing Multiverse. But is it? Multiverse is a hypothetical group of universes. And together all this universe mix up and become all what exists: entirely space,time,matter,energy and the physics laws. Also Known as omniverse or meta-universe.

The most renowned name for this is parallel universe . There have been some cases where scientist have observed some people who have traveled from a Parallel universe and vanished. While I was reading Theory of Everything, Stephen Hawking said that your doopelganger will always shake hands with his left and if the real person shakes hand with his doopelganger, they’ll be vanished. This hasn’t happened yet but Hawking did some serious research on this.

The multiverse has been used as a storyline in many Fantasies and Fictions. And CW’s The Flash is a perfect example. Multiverse can be done with opening breaches which can be done with help of Wormhole or mostly Black Hole. The things of the real world aren’t the same in the Multiverse or the parallel universe. Like if you are Flash in this universe you won’t be a hero there but rather be a Businessman or maybe even a CEO of some company like Amazon or Walmart or Alibaba.

In the next post, we’ll discuss about multiverse in Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’ve done a simple explanation on Time Travel theory. Make sure you refer through it.

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