Marvel Multiverse:Part 2 ~ Multiverse in Marvel Comics Universe.

Marvel Multiverse
If you haven’t yet read the Part 1 of this series, What is Multiverse. Please do so and return back to understand it fully.

Marvel Comics has used Multiverse to add some more Drama to it’s Character Universe so that readers could connect more throughout the story. And it happened exactly as they expected. The readers loved the concept but didn’t knew what exactly it was.

Spiderman Far From Home Multiverse

After Spiderman Far From Home Trailer has been released, Marvel Studios has teased the existence of Multiverse in MCU. Which opens door for many unknown characters. Just like Mysterio. He’s from Earth 833, which is an alternative of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Earth 616.

Fans are hoping to see Spider-UK but that won’t happen. As per the trailer, Mysterio says that Spiderman doesn’t exist in his universe. But he didn’t mentioned anything more characters except the Elementals which are from Earth 833. There are slight possibilities that on Earth 833, Captain Britain would exist.

Captain Britain Multiverse

Captain Britain has been the main part of Marvel Comics Multiverse. There are many Captain Britain in Marvel Comics designated to one for each universe except Earth 616 (MCU). And their names goes as Captain Britain CORPS, Just like Green Lantern.

They have been shown in many comic series, but is renowned for it’s Excalibur. There are many side characters used for this Multiverse travel but many are also known for Time Travel. Just Cable, Rachel Summers and Bishop.

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There are many other small Multiverses which are not well known to fans. Like Counter-Earth, The Hill, The Microverse, The Mojoverse, The Negative-Zone, The Other place, The Void, The Soul Gem(Soul World) as Pocket Universe. The Avalon, The Darkforce Dimension, Limbo and The Panoptichron as the external universes.

Marvel Multiverse

The Most  Well Known Alternative Universes in Marvel Comics –

This is how Marvel Multiverse is shown in Comics at their first appearance. In Part 3 I’ll be explaining in a little bit deep to the Pocket Universes and the External Universes of Marvel.


  1. Can you further explain the multiverses mentioned above so that we can have a better idea about the worlds in Marvel.
    Really Appreciate the effort you took to explain the concept.
    I’ll be waiting for Part 3.


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