Loki Disney+ TV Series Logo and Concept Art, Leaked.


Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+ will feature TV series of some Marvel Characters. This includes Scarlett Witch and Vision, Loki, Falcon and Winter Soldier, and “What If”  animated series.

All of this lineups have been confirmed and will release in 2020. Loki TV series which will show the story lines of Young Loki, it’s concept art has been Leaked. And according to the Leaked concept art, it shows Loki in 1975. The logo for the TV series has also been Leaked.

Loki TV series Leaked information

This looks like a Marvel convention for the cast and crew and other investors and members of Disney Studios and  Marvel Studios. Kevin Feige, The President of Marvel Cinematic Universe, will —as always — be the executive producer of this TV series.

There are no other information about this show as the above ones have been Leaked by a member of any of these studios. There has been some information about Zemo’s return in Falcon and Winter Soldier. And What If’s first episode to show Peggy Carter as Captain America instead of Steve.


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