Joe Russo Says Robert Downey Jr. Is done with Ironman.

Avengers EndGame Director Joe Russo confirms that actor Robert Downey Jr is done with Ironman. We won’t see him in Future.

Robert Downey Jr, who’s career was almost destroyed. But Marvel Studios gave him a Role and risked it’s  whole Universe. And it was the best debut for any Franchise. And now Marvel Studios has been a $20 Billion Franchise.

Fans where so connected to Tony Stark that they didn’t want to die. But he had to. Tony was always at the warth of Sacrificing. Right from The Avengers when he went through the portal. Avengers Age Of Ultron where he almost killed himself destroying Sokovia. And In Avengers Infinity War taking a solo fight against Mad Titan, Thanos. But In Avengers EndGame he did he was meant for.

Avengers EndGame Snap

He really deserved a sacrifice rather than a retirement. He lived his life, almost had everything except parents. He had to finish what he started 11 years ago, INFINITY SAGA. But Peter got too upset and he’ll set the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But we won’t see Tony Stark again in Marvel Cinematic Universe and I think almost everyone knows this. But Fans are most stubborn humans. They never lose Hope. Because Hope Never Dies. We would have to live in a world without Tony Stark.



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