Jeremy Conrad teases Daredevil to be in Spiderman 3 mostly.


Jeremy Conrad, Founder of MCU Cosmic has teased some major details relating to Marvel Cinematic Universe. He did this once and also was half true. This time the news is related to Daredevil and Spiderman. Both of the characters are from New York City.

Jeremy Conrad Twitter (Daredevil)

What if Peter gets caught up in some case and needs a lawyer and Coincidentally he meets Murdock. Matt will try to help him and as always with his abilities will know that he’s Spiderman. And mostly he’ll reveal his identity too or will help him in his own way.

It must be that Disney + series will be somewhere connected to MCU as of now. If they add Netflix shows and give them a renewal then They confirm that it’s connected to Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Daredevil is said to be appearing in Spiderman 3 (Homecoming Trilogy), where we’ll also see Tom Hardy’s Venom. If Venom joins the movie it’ll be sure they need some legal help with things, when they get messy. And Peter is just a kid who has been to Space.

There are rumors that Sony and Marvel had contract and they will be making 3 trilogies of Tom Holland’s Spiderman.


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