DC’s Finest: Geoff Johns Sale, get discounts upto 86%.


DC Comics Finest: Geoff Johns Sale is here. Get Aquaman, Shazam!, Flash and many other Races on action with discount upto 86%. The sale ends on 10th of June. Click Here to But your eBook or any DC Comics Digital Comic.

Get amazing titles like Flashpoint, Action Comics series #800-#1000,  Aquaman series from #1-#30, Batman Earth One, Shazam Origins and many more. The list is end less and so is time. Go the website and buy yours as soon as possible. There’s no stock limit as it is online digital work.

Get any Action Comic at $0.99. Any Aquaman Graphic Novel at $5.99 and Fan Favorite titles at $4.99. The best sale to hit this summer. DC is pushing hard as the comic market has had it’s lowest sales in 2018 after since 2011.

The best and worthy titles to buy if you want to get into comics. What are you waiting for? Get yours now and enter the fantastic world of DC Universe.

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