DC drops the Pennyworth trailer.


Catch Alfred Pennyworth in his solo TV series, Pennyworth airing on Epix. The series will show Alfred Pennyworth’s journey in becoming the one closest to Wayne Family. He was a butler of Wayne family and we have seen it in Dark Knight trilogy. Pennyworth had some cool adventures in his past and was also a veteran (I should say). He’s the best of any billionaire can get as a butler.

The TV series will also show how he met Thomas Wayne, and then become their butler when Bruce was born. The Series will also cover some drama after the war as we can clearly see in the trailer.

Starring Jack Bannon, Paloma Faith, Ben Aldridge, Hainsley Llyod Bennet, amd Polly Walker, Pennyworth will air on July 28 only on Epix.


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