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Dark Phoenix Plot (SPOILER ALERT)


Xavier adopts her after her father admits he doesn’t know what to do. Kind of implied that Charles is influencing the father to make these decisions.

Cut to the 90’s and the X-Men are now government sanctioned heroes. They get direct calls from the President, they’re publicly celebrated. Xavier is eating this all up but some of the X-Men express some resentment towards him for it. Particularly Mystique who plans on running away with Beast.

The President asks them to save some astronauts. During the rescue mission Nightcrawler and Quicksilver teleport over and rescue the crew except for one (the captain). It’s decided that Jean will maintain the ships integrity while they rescue the captain. Nightcrawler and Quicksilver make it back but Jean is left behind and is both killed and absorbs the Phoenix Force. Which during this sequence gave me Galactus Cloud PTSD.

You get introduced to Jessica Chastain’s alien creatures. They mentioned an empire they belonged to but I didn’t recognize the aliens design or the empires name. I half suspect Fox just made some shit up. Either way they’re shape shifters and take over Chastain’s character and her party goers appearences.

Dark Phoenix

They arrive back on Earth and Jean survives and the students dub her ‘Phoenix’. She’s at an outdoor party (which a cool Dazzler cameo) and she hears her father. She releases a ton of energy and knocks everyone out.

Jean leaves and goes after her Father but her Father rejects her for being a mutant and killing her mom. The X-Men know she’s going to do so and follow her. There’s a fight and it ends with some cops dying, Quicksilver being knocked out, and Jean throwing Mystique into some wood spikes, killing her. This sends Beast into rage mode. After Mystique’s funeral Beast blames Xavier for all of what’s happening and leaves.

Magneto and his ‘brotherhood’ are held up in a place that was probably Genosha. They never call it that but myself and a few others agreed it was. Would be interested to hear what people think. Jean shows up and this causes some strife in the ‘brotherhood’ but soon after the Military come for Jean after killing the cops. They ask Magneto where she is but he pleads ignorance. She shows up and fights the military against the wishes of Magneto who saves them. He then tells her to leave.

Beast later shows up, him and Magneto unite over their love of Mystique and agree to take Jean out with the help of Selene and Red Lotus (who kills people with dreadlocks).

The X-Men catch wind of this and go after Beast/Magneto. All parties converge in New York and fight it out in the street and within a building. Jean realizes Xavier was trying to protect her from her shitty dad through manipulating her (which is like some serious gaslighting shit but whatever). Chastain tries to steal the Phoenix force she wants to destroy Earth but is disrupted by the army who capture everyone but Chastain and her alien buddies.

The final battle is the X-Men being ambushed on the train by the aliens. They are freed from their locks and all team up with Magneto and his brotherhood of two. Red Lotus dies in the battle. There’s some cool sequences with Magneto using his powers and Nightcrawler his. Nightcrawler teleports an alien in front of the train to be ran over. Savage AF.

The X-Men/Brotherhood are losing but Xavier wakes up Jean and she goes full Phoenix and wipes out all the aliens (why did they wait this long?) Chastain tries to steal the phoenix force but Jean flies them both into space and blows them both up killing both.

We get a few scenes near the end all sort of montage-y. Scott renames the school after Jean, Quicksilver is out of his coma and among the students, Xavier leaves for Europe where Magneto tracks him for a game of chess. Pans up to show a phoenix faintly in the sky.

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In conclusion, this film was a real mess. I wish there was more explanation why the aliens wanted what they wanted, why Xavier and many of the characters made bad decisions, and why for an important mission Magneto only brings two people of his large brotherhood. Lot of the lines are delivered with no enthusiasm from the actors making it boring for everyone involved.


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