Batgirl on DC Universe


Warner Bros. Has ordered a Batgirl TV series to air on DC Universe till the year 2020. And the shooting will most probably start on February 2019.

DC just launched it’s new streaming service DC Universe Yesterday 15 September on the occasion of Batman Day. It will consist of DC’s famous TV series and movies including the animated ones like the Teen Titans Go,and some Toy stores I guess and it’s New service DC Daily. It’s now available to subscribers for 7.99$/Month and 74.99$/year. It’s total worth it to buy the subscription because it contains many things like Digital Comics and some old Movies and most of them are related to Batman because of the Batman Day.

It will contain new TV series like Titans, Doom Patrol and An Adult series on Harley Quinn. The service is already planning for content for 2020,and that’s a great thing. Mostly DC Universe will be successful or start getting traffic after it’s first series Titans which is airing on 12th October.

The Idea of Batgirl first appeared after Joss Whedon putting up a script to Batgirl but Warner Bros. Thought it would be controversial to have a male director for a female character. And So, the showrunner would be Melissa Rosenburg (Jessica Jones’s Showrunner) who is now leaving Marvel Netflix to work for Warner Bros.



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