Avengers EndGame Timeline explanation:Part 1— What is Time Travel?

Most people watching Avengers EndGame didn’t understand the time travel part in the movie. I’ll explain it all with this series which is divided into three parts.
What is Time Travel?
-Time Travel is the concept of movement between certain points in time, analogous to movement between different points in spaceby an object or a person, typically using a hypothetical device known as a time machine.

This could be either traveling to your past or the future. For example, you build a time machine (just like in Doremon) to travel to the past to see your childhood, your late loved one, your mistakes and much more or in the future to see what happens next. Well this Time Travel thing also has confused many people.

Some Fictions and Movies say that Time Traveling is one way path. For example, if you kill your father by going to the past you’ll eventually die because of it. And if you aren’t born how did you go back in time to kill your dad? This is Known as Grandfather Paradox. This is a misconception. This one way path Time Travel can only happen if the Space-Time is one or two dimensional.

While the best theory which is applicable is it creates alternatives of Times in reality. Which is because Space-Time is four-dimensional. This was shown in Avengers EndGame and in CW The Flash.

If one messes with the Time Line, one doesn’t lose the original one but rather create an alternate of it. This means now two times exists.

This was shown in CW The Flash, where Barry Allen goes back in time to save hid mother and creates an alternative timeline. One where her mother lives (Alternate) and the one where his mother is dead (Original).

This is where he comes back to the real one but doesn’t close or destroy the second one because he couldn’t. There are various consequences to Time Travel. I’ll explain it in the next Part.

How to do Time Travel?

– Well the most common would be a Time Machine. But how can one build it? I don’t know that much about Time Machine but there is a way to do it. Easier than Time Machine? Not sure. It is to create an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, known as WormHole.

Mostly it is used for traveling through Point A to Point B. Which could either be Space or Time and at times both to Time Travel. For Example, traveling from Manhattan to California could take around 8 hrs (Approx). By creating a WormHole of a certain destiny, one can travel this distance in hours, or minutes or seconds. But most interestingly in negative time.

This means Time Travel. If one can create a wormhole of a much more higher density, one could travel through time. For Example, if one leave from Point A (Manhattan) at 1:00 AM. But instead reaches Point B (California) at 12:30 AM. This is every much difficult because wormhole are in the size of atoms and even smaller.

They are rare to find and almost impossible for them to build. It’s like a small Black hole but not exactly it. One can also travel through time via Black hole. But the time would be in their control. And it could also kill the one entering it.

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