Avengers EndGame Timeline Explanation Part 3— EndGame Time Travel. SPOILER

If you have missed part 1 (What is Time Travel?) and Part 2 (Consequences of Time Travel), don’t worry you can directly read this but I would suggest everyone to read it once.

Lately I have Explained about Space-Time and Time Travel in a very short and simple explanation. This is for people to understand it simply and learn something from it. The Avengers EndGame Time Travel was very much complicated because many fans didn’t understand it. (This was the reason to write this series).

Initially, Captain America, Black Widow and Antman went to Tony Stark to ask some help with a time machine. Tony didn’t take that and just rejected and also refused to believe in Time Travel. But everyone knows he’s a nerd, he’ll get a way out. And he did. He made a wrist band kind of device to protect and help Time Travel.

Well this Time Travel theory was proposed long way at the time of Avengers Infinity War. But no one thought it could go this way. Using Quantum Suit and Pym Particles. Captain America had a well planned team to execute their mission. He should really be the one to give credits for.

Bruce had some words with Ancient One, where they reveal that if the Artifacts from a different time gets away to another time it creates an Alternative Timeline. The first time travel thing in Marvel Cinematic Universe. But this problem was also solved by Banner by giving all the artifacts to the people when they were taken. This was also written in the Consequences of Time Travel post.

The leaked scenes showed this scene, where Avengers return to New York to get Three Stones. This was the first time Marvel Studios revealed that Sorcerer Supreme, Ancient One also fought Avengers Battle. Captain America took the Scepter, Mind Stone. Hulk took the Time Stone and also promised to give it back on time. But Scott and Tiny missed theirs.

The only way was to go back to 90’s to Captain America’s Era. They go there and Tony meets his Father and also takes the Tesseract. Steve successfully takes the Pym Particles from Hank Pym’s lab. And they return back.

Thanos was also after Power Stone, when Rhodey and Nebula went back to get it. Nebula git replaced with the original EndGame Nebula to bring Thanos to Earth. They take the Power Stone and Rhodey and Thanos’s Nebula return to the original Time.

Rocket and Thor go back to the events of Thor: The Dark World and successfully bring the reality stone with Mjolnir. Thor meets his mother and have a very little time with her. And was also worthy to grab Mjolnir.

A very huge applause for Marvel’s first female superhero, Black Widow. She sacrificed her life after having a fight with Ronin. And seriously this was the most emotional scene for me. Every one were sad and they got to know for the first time that Avengers were her only Family. And Ronin returned with Soul Stone.

Now all of them were assembled. Hulk took the leap and snapped his fingers to bring everyone back and reverse the Decimation. But Thanos’s Nebula brought Thanos ship to Earth. Which was from 2013.

He fought an epic battle with the mighty Avengers and lost to them after Raining Fire over his own troops, Because Avengers had Protection. And then Captain Marvel ended the ship. Tony then Snapped his figures took a hit after the snap and died.

Avengers Won by some Sacrifices and at last Captain America took a leap and went back to the time and gave all the stones from where they came and also the Mjolnir. He then lived his life and passed the Mantle to Sam Wilson. The Endgame was actually a new beginning to Marvel’s other side of story. And a perfect end to Infinity Saga.

I’ll add another series on what if the Avengers didn’t give the stones back? What will happen in the original and the alternative timeline?

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