Avengers EndGame Timeline Explanation Part 2— Consequences of Time Travel.

In the last post I explained What is Time Travel. And also added up how can one travel through time. This is the Part 2 of it.

When someone travels back and forth in Time, there are some possibilities that the timeline may get destroyed or altered. This would happen when you try to do something messy. For like, taking some precious Artifacts from the Past or to bring some technology from the Future. But how does it alter the Timeline?

Well, if you bring a technology from existing future, that doesn’t remain you’re future now, because you have it already in the past. Which creates a second alternative to Time where the existing future changes. This same happens when one brings something from the past.

This was also very well explained in Flash where Barry Allen tries to save his mother. Which instead creates Flashpoint Paradox. Time Traveling is not much complicated than it is made. Most of the movies like Back to the Future, try to confuse people with some Fictional Drama to the theory.

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And in Avengers EndGame, this consequence was explained quite easily. When they take Infinity Stones from the Past, they create an alternative timeline. And this time line was, Loki getting escaped, Avengers not having any stones and less trouble. No birth to Wanda and Petrio. No Vision. And other things. I’ll post a whole list of what could have happened in the alternative timeline if they won’t put the stones back.

So Banner used some scientific facts to back up the theory to take the stones from the past and then returning it to the past once again to destroy the alternate timeline. This can be done, and one needs to look perfectly and recollect where they brought the thing from. That’s the reason why Captain America returned with no Mjolnir.

So the Timeline can now really be what it was and everything is perfect. No problem of an alternative timeline and no problems to create any such more. Avengers picked the right move to put it all back and do it very easily. And the wrist band can’t help to time travel that’s just Fictional Drama.

To sum it all up, look to the simple explanation to it.

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