Avengers EndGame Re-Release fails, Avatar remains unbeatable.


Lately Marvel Studios re-released Avengers EndGame which was millions away from Avatar. Just to take over Avatar in Worldwide Box Office Collection, Kevin Feige added some scenes in the Re-release. Extra scenes are detailed in my previous post. Click Here to Read them.

It’s not worth it to go watch Avengers EndGame for the extra scenes. Just think like you just rewatched Avengers EndGame’s Best Scenes. Marvel with an intention of dethroning Avatar failed by pulling $7.2 million from the re-release. By the way Avatar was re-released after its original date as the first 3D movie.

Avatar 2 will rock the Box Office. And Disney will enjoy it like nothing. Avengers EndGame vs Avatar was just a marketing strategy, Disney owns them all and is at the top. DC will have to step up game with Joker and Batman. Not just creating shitty Hype and fail like Justice League.


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