Avengers EndGame Re-Release extra scenes – Spoiler Alert.


Avengers EndGame has been re-released in many countries except India. We didn’t get any re-release in India and most of the Fans are upset with that. But seriously it didn’t had any meaning other than to dethrone Avatar in Box Office Collection. Let’s look at the extras added in the re-release.

re-release extra scenes

A Stan Lee Tribute was confirmed for the re-release and was better than the one from Captain Marvel. Stan Lee was tributed by some of his MCU Cameos and shown as the creator of this Billion Dollar Franchise. The best tribute ever to Stan Lee.

re-release Hulk scene

A Hulk deleted scene which is now hated by the fans. Marvel Studios really played with the fans by adding a deleted Hulk scene where he saved some kids from Fire caught in a building.

The scene didn’t even had a good CGI. It was like someone Saving kids in a Video Game. Fans are really upset with it and the cut wasn’t even needed.

re-release Tony Scene

Fans wanted the Tony’s deleted scene. In this cut, Tony after snapping his fingers goes to the Soul World. Just like Thanos did in Avengers Infinity War. Tony saw his daughter Morgan Stark who was grown up now. This would have been the one which will win fans and people will definitely go to see Iron Man’s deleted scene.

re-release Spiderman Scene

The Post Credit-Scene was a sneak peek to Spiderman Far From Home. This scene wasn’t even a new one. Nick Fury and Maria Hill go on an investigation at some place. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio takes his entry right in front of them and says, “You don’t  want any part of this”. And then Magnum an elemental appears right behind them where they idiotically shoot him with a pistol.

This were the extras included in Avengers EndGame and weren’t even anything related to it’s Future. Really Marvel Studios played everyone just to dethrone Avatar.


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