Avengers EndGame Re-Release, Digital and Blu-Ray.


Don’t Miss Marvel‘s Avengers EndGame in theatre once again with extra 8 minutes extras included in the movie. A sneak peek into Spiderman Far From Home, Something related to Iron man and mostly a tribute for Stan Lee. And this release will be Global so everyone of us can enjoy it.

Most people would have got the plan of Marvel Studios to dethrone Avatar. As both of them are owned by Walt Disney Studio but still Marvel will fight hard to get the First place. The real reason behind Avatar’s Massive collection of it being the first 3D movie and was re-released after 8 months of original date. But I think this could have some effect on Spiderman Far From Home as it’s a solo movie. And Marvel Solo movies haven’t been performing well after the release of Avengers Infinity War.

Avengers EndGame will be available in Digital on 30 July and in Blu-Ray on 13 August. So it’s better to watch it in Cinemas rather than waiting that long.

Still we all need to go to the theaters again and watch Avengers EndGame. Get ready for some extra fun before Spiderman Far From Home. Let’s end Phase 3 as it should have ended.


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