Avengers EndGame Prelude #2(of 3) – Details


Avengers EndGame Prelude issue has been released and this one was exactly what I had written down here before. No Spoilers or plot details for movie given. Let’s take a look at everything in the Prelude.

The comic starts with the battle at Scotland, where Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glave attack Vision and try to take his Stone. Captain America / Nomad, Natalie Romanoff AKA Black Widow and Sam Wilson AKA Falcon save Vision and Wanda. Black Widow hurts Corvus and they leave from the place after that Vision and Wanda go back with Captain to Rhodes. Just like in the movie Avengers Infinity War.

Zen Woberi, Gamora’s Home planet. Thanos first met her on her home planet where is was running around to find her mother. Thanos gives him a weapon similar to knife. And taught her, “Perfectly Balanced as All things should be”. And kills half for her planet and takes her away with him. Where she becomes Thanos’s Daughter.

After having a Conversation with Peter Quill about what she knows, he would have to kill her Before Thanos. This was the scene where Drax proves himself invisible. Here the Guardian of the Galaxy head to Knowhere as Thor said them to go there and he woth Rocket and Groot headed to Nidavellir. Thanos uses the reality stone to trick the guardians and takes Gamora with him again.

Captain takes Vision back to the station, where Rhodes is the incharge. Captain meets Bruce Banner and they talk about taking out the Stone from Vision will not kill Vision amd he can be saved. But Banner can’t do it there so, Captain takes them to Wakanda.

Ebony Maw takes Doctor Strange to his ship, where he tortures Strange to give away his Stone. But kids have seen more movies. Spiderman uses the reference from Alien movie and they kill Ebony out of the ship and head towards Titan,Thanos’s home planet.

Thanos asks Gamora for the soul stone but she refuses to tell him. Where Thanos shows her Sister in trouble and help her out. This is the moment where soul stone was revealed for the first time and Thanos and Gamora head towards Vormir.

Thor with Rocket and Groot reaches Nidavellir. Eitri first thinks they are invaders but tells Thor that Asgard was suppose to Protect them. Where Thor says that Asgard is destroyed and Odin is dead. Eitri helps him making a weapon named Strombreaker. But to forge it Thor had to take a full force from a Star and Groot helped him by making a handle for the axe.

After reaching Titan, Guardians and Avengers have a misunderstanding and they fight to each other, where Avengers get to know that Thor is alive and is headed to Nidavellir to forge a Thanos killing weapon. Guardians and Avengers team up to take Thanos down. This will be included in the Part 3.


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