Avengers EndGame before and after VFX Scenes.


Avengers EndGame is just inches away to outmanoeuvre Avatar in Box Office Collection. The movie had kept fans in shock and really hard to believe what happened. Tony and Natalie dead, Captain America getting retired and Sam Wilson as the new Captain America. Thanos was also killed twice. Thor went for the head and also had gained a lots of Fats on him.

Captain vs Thanos Behind the scenes In Avengers EndGame This Captain America vs Thanos scene was epic and one of my personal favorite after Avengers Assemble scene. Captain America was always worthy and this time he showed us. He used Mjolnir so perfectly, I thought like it was with him all this time. Maybe Thor would have never used it that way anytime before. Thanos was really screwed up in this scene.

Captain Marvel vs Thanos in Avengers EndGame This image from ComicBook interview takes us behind the scenes where Brie Larson is shooting with some stunt double. This Scene showed us that Thanos was weak against Carol and used the power stone to hit her.



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