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What If Thanos was Indian? How would it go?

Thanos by BossLogic
Thanos Avengers EndGame Art by Bosslogic
Thanos isn’t a human but a Titan. But what if he was an Indian? He would be Bollywood’s or the world’s best villain.

Thanos origins are from Titan, his home planet. He wanted to balance the whole universe and show the other half how powerful he is. He is a true evil with a dangerous vision. He managed to get all the Infinity Stones and also caused the Decimation. But what if he was Indian?

Thanos as an Indian

He would be Tamil (Southern India) with Tamil as a mother tongue. The Art was featured by Marvel India and was made by Pankaj Panday — Game Artist and Photographer.

The Art is amazing and truly acceptable. Thanos will all his current power and rather than wearing an armor would wear Dhoti.

I think Marvel should have released an Indian of Thanos just like Indian Version of Spiderman. As the Tamil dubbing is done by Rana Daggubati, Famous for his role Bhallaldeva.

Avengers EndGame First Non-Spoiler Reactions are online.

As expected this movie is surprisingly amazing, at every point and this 3 hours will be the best of any Marvel Fans.

Avengers EndGame will be the conclusion of Infinity Saga. It will bring an end and a new beginning to Marvel Cinematic Universe. But always to remember that Avengers Infinity War and Avengers EndGame are Thanos’ movie and not about the Avengers. The early Non-Spoiler reactions are very positive and people are loving it.

Avengers EndGame Reaction

You can read the reactions above. It’s Emotional, Surprising, Haunting and Amusing. A perfect end to Marvel Studios 11 years of Infinity Saga. A new beginning for Marvel. People say they have cried multiple times in the movie, that means more deaths (uncertainly) or more of an Stan Lee’s Cameos (Just Kidding). Looks like a complicated thing to figure out for Theory Makers.

I’m very excited for it. And even more after reading all the reactions. Can’t wait to watch it in just 3 days. Lots of excitement for Avengers Endgame as I was waiting for it for my Whole Damn Life.


Avengers EndGame booking has started in India.

Avengers EndGame advance booking has been started in India.

2018’s Avengers Infinity War gave a deep wound to the Fans for losing their favorite Avengers. This year the others who were left are back with a new member — the most powerful Avenger— Captain Marvel. She’ll bring a big change in Avengers Endgame.

Thanos who killed half of the population of the universe with the help of Infinity Stones is now resting at his home planet. He’ll return in Endgame with his sword—Mostly to be said as Infinity Sword. But this sword will be different from the SuperHero Squad TV Show of Marvel.

Avengers are ready to bring everyone back. Thanos will be in his armor because of his fear from Thor. In Avengers Infinity War, Thor didn’t go for head but Thanos knows this time he will.

The Leaked Scenes for Endgame were all fake as Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed that. The movie will run for 3hrs and 2 minutes. And will run for 2hrs and 49 mins before the credit scenes begin. So I think Robert Downey JR. was talking about this 8 minutes.

RDJ on Avengers EndGame

As the advance booking for USA and other major countries had began a long ago where Avengers EndGame broke the record of most advance booked tickets in just 6 hrs. The tickets booking in India started just last night — 12 Hrs Ago.

I’ve booked my tickets for Avengers EndGame. I’ll be watching it on First Day and the very First Show which will be at 7:15AM. You can book your tickets online so that you don’t miss it on the opening Weekend. Go to BookMyShow or Paytm or GooglePay to book your tickets. This is for Indians only and others can book it on Fandango.

Avengers EndGame Ad spoils return of a familiar villain. [SPOILER]

This post contains Spoilers for Avengers Endgame according to the Advertisement and the leaks spoiled on the internet. So if you wanna be at the safe side of the Movie  please don’t read further.

So all things said, let’s get into it. Avengers EndGame Advertisement for a toy leaked the return of a familiar villain from Avengers Infinity War. Ebony Maw who was left into the space wasn’t dead.(He was just roaming in the space and wait for Endgame, I guess).

He created a lots of trouble for Spiderman, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Wong and Bruce Banner. Spidey, Tony and Strange were taken into the space but kids watch a lots of movies. Spidey saved Strange and the Fake Time Stone from Maw. Then he was left into the space not shown if dead or not.

Ebony Maw in Avengers EndGame

And also the clip which was sent to me by an old friend also showed some returning characters but can’t spoil that. The clip looked like fake but to see the results we have to wait till 26th April.

It’s just one week for the movie. Comment your expectations of epic scenes for the movie.

Swamp Thing to Debut DC Universe dated 31st May.

DC’s new streaming service DC Universe is going way better than the plans. A new Swamp Thing series about to debut on 31st May.

The Promo gives a close look to Swamp Thing, the main character—as obvious. A humanoid/plant elemental creature, created by writer Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson, the Swamp Thing has had several humanoid or monster incarnations in various different storylines.

Still not confirmed which storyline will DC adopt. But every single storyline is great. Personally I love the character and the way he had been developed. He’s way better than Man Thing from Marvel Comics.

Swamp Thing also sacrificed himself in Injustice God Among Us storyline. No confirmation on how many episodes will this series contain but my assumption is 8 or 13 episodes. I’ll add it up on here when it’s confirmed.