Movie starts in Mexico with Maria Hill and fury

A quick montage of news clips covering Tony Stark’s death and people returning from the snap

Marvel Studios title with “I Will Always Love You” playing

People in New York City are confused and somewhat in a panic due to everyone suddenly coming back

Stan Lee intro is also back, but sadly we don’t see hin in the movie

Peter puts on the Iron Spider suit and begins swinging around

Peter has decided to go on a school field trip to try and relieve his PTSD

Aunt May asks Peter to pack his suit, he nearly breaks down at the sight of his original suit, and decides he will not be Spider-Man on the trip Peter leaves for the airport, there he sees that May put the suit in his suitcase.

Peter has a crush on MJ and competes for her affections with Brad, a dude whom they met as an ugly kid and grew into a handsome chad in the five years they were dusted.

Peter sits with Mr. Harrington in the plane,Brad sits with MJ

Peter and his friends go to Venice. Everything is going well until Nick Fury shows up to recruit Peter. Peter inherits Tony’s A.I. glasses and discovers that Mysterio is actually a former Stark Industries employee.

EDITH is the A.I. in Tony’s glasses

Mysterio and the Elementals are allegedly from a parallel universe and were transported to Peter’s world by Thanos’ snap.Mysterio was fired by Tony and wants revenge by usurping Tony’s place as the world’s greatest hero.

We find out that Quentin Beck was the original designer of B.A.R.F. and that tech, along with drones to project the image and actually create the damage shown, are how he achieves his illusions

Next morning they go to Prague. Then they go to the opera house in Prague. Later in Prague Peter confesses his feelings to MJ.

MJ also figures Peter’s secret identity.

Then Peter goes to Berlin.

In Berlin mysterio has illusions that confuse Peter. MJ falling is one illusion. After Peter is nearly killed happy picks him up.

Peter and his friends go to London. Peter uses Spider spider sence to defeat mysterio.

Flash and Peter have some comedy in the film

The Elementals are illusions created by Mysterio, who uses drones to cause the destruction that is attributed to them.

We find out that Quentin Beck was the original designer of B.A.R.F. and that tech, along with drones to project the image and actually create the damage shown, are how he achieves his illusions

His stories about the Multiverse are fake.

Despite this, Mysterio actually cares about Peter and wants Peter to join him, but Peter refuses.

Peter uses a mobile workshop in the Stark jet to design a new suit, with no A.I. Final battle in London, Mysterio seemingly dies ( But might return back) when he gets shot by a drone.


Peter and MJ get together while Betty and ned breaks up

Movie ends with them swinging together through New York City.

First post-credits scene is J.K. Simmons returning as J. Jonah Jameson, now a talk-show host. He airs a video Mysterio had sent prior to his death. Jameson brands Spider-Man a menace. Mysterio reveals that Spider-Man is Peter Parker and a photo of the high school student is shown on the screen as the hero watches on in horror and we return to the credits…

Second post-credits scene is Fury and Maria Hill turning out to be Skrulls working for the real Fury, who is in vacation himself.

No Norman Osborn, Oscorp or Sinister Six teases at all.

MORE DETAILED 2ND POST CREDITS : The after-credits scene kicks off with Nick Fury and Maria Hill driving together and it’s then that they transform into Talos and his wife! They’ve been Skrulls all along(only in this movie),we learn that the former S.H.I.E.L.D. Director is chilling out on a beach which turns out to be a simulation screen on a spaceship full of Skrulls! It seems Fury has decided to spend some time in space with the skrulls and the scene ends with him asking the aliens if they’ve seen his shoes.