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Zemo and Agent 13 will in Falcon and Winter Soldier series.


Helmut Zemo, who disassembled the Avengers and was the main reason behind Civil War, will be reprising his role in Falcon and Winter Soldier TV series on Disney+. And Sharon Carter, Neice of Peggy Carter, Agent 13 will be returning too. Both of the characters haven’t appeared in Marvel Cinematic Universe after Captain America : Civil War.

Falcon and Winter Soldier TV series

Falcon, Sam Wilson will be using his new Vibranium Shield in the series as he takes the mantle of Captain America. While mostly Harley Keener would be taking the mantle of Iron Man or Pepper will continue her journey as Rescue. Don’t know any thing about that. Actor Antony Mackie is very proud  to play Captain America in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Falcon as new Captain in Falcon and Winter Soldier

As Marvel introduces Multiverse there are many possibilities that we can get more heroes in Falcon and Winter Soldier, which is still unconfirmed. But Zemo and Sharon are surely going to be in this series.

Avengers EndGame before and after VFX Scenes.


Avengers EndGame is just inches away to outmanoeuvre Avatar in Box Office Collection. The movie had kept fans in shock and really hard to believe what happened. Tony and Natalie dead, Captain America getting retired and Sam Wilson as the new Captain America. Thanos was also killed twice. Thor went for the head and also had gained a lots of Fats on him.

Captain vs Thanos Behind the scenes In Avengers EndGame This Captain America vs Thanos scene was epic and one of my personal favorite after Avengers Assemble scene. Captain America was always worthy and this time he showed us. He used Mjolnir so perfectly, I thought like it was with him all this time. Maybe Thor would have never used it that way anytime before. Thanos was really screwed up in this scene.

Captain Marvel vs Thanos in Avengers EndGame This image from ComicBook interview takes us behind the scenes where Brie Larson is shooting with some stunt double. This Scene showed us that Thanos was weak against Carol and used the power stone to hit her.

A New Spiderman : Far From Home poster has been released.

Spiderman Far From Home Multiverse

The new Spiderman:Far From Home Poster shows Tom Holland, Samuel L Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal in action in London. Peter Parker in his trip to London ends up fighting for his responsibility and tale his place for Iron Man. And I think the post credit scene would be relating to Multiverse or Harley Keener taking the mantle of Iron Man. 

Spiderman Far From Home Poster

Beck will mostly be a Villain or would be doing it all to get back to his Universe and bring back some more Villains so that he could take Spiderman. He’s smart and he likes to know about what’s he’s dealing with. And that’s why he must have created the Elementals. Bosslogic has also designed an alternate poster where Quinten Beck betraying Peter Parker.

Bosslogic Poster Spiderman

All the Speedsters will Vanish after the Crisis on Infinite Earths event in CW Arrowverse.

CW Arrowverse’s new crisis, Crisis on Infinite Earths will be the part of this Fall’s seasons. And there is a bad news for Flash viewers.


CW’s The Flash Season 5 has end. It gives us a clue about the next crisis on the Arrowverse. After the Crisis on Earth – X events, Reverse Flash was planning his way out of his imprisonment. And he surely did it successfully. Ralph Dibny was smart enough to know about his plan and also warned Barry but he didn’t believed him.


And then after all they had to destroy the Dagger of Cicada. Nora has been disintegrated because of a new timeline getting created and Reverse Flash invites Barry to meet in their new Crisis. This is Crisis on Infinite Earths. This  will be the Endgame in Arrowverse. Most of the heroes would die and some will lose their powers.


Speedsters DC


As Cisco Ramon gives himself a cure and kills/Cures his alter-ego Vibe. Team Flash will fall weak because he was the one who helped them defeat Reverse Flash. But he’s always a step ahead. This Crisis will be the end of Speedsters. Jessy Quick, Flash, Kid-Flash and other Speedsters will get Vanished just like Flash. They all would be either dead or there would be almost no way to get them back. And when they return, mostly Flash, will turn evil. And Flash becomes Savitar. This isn’t the true theory.


This is just my speculation that After this Crisis, Flash will turn to Savitar when he returns.

Marvel Entertainment and NetEase collaborate to launch exciting new projects.

NetEase is a China-based Internet and online gaming service provider. It’s the leading provider for almost all online games in China.

Marvel Entertainment is collaborating with NetEase to expand it’s market in China with new Merchandise and Online Gaming Services. NetEase and Marvel partnership will bring joint products including games, television series, and comic books featuring Marvel Characters for the users of China and beyond.

NetEase China

“Having admired the work Marvel has created over the years, we are excited to incorporate these beloved stories and characters into world-class entertainment content for global fans,” said William Ding, founder and CEO of NetEase Inc. “Adhering to NetEase’s brand statement of ‘Passion of Gamers’, we will work hard to deliver the type of high-quality content that game players and Marvel fans will be pleased to see.”

“Marvel’s Super Heroes have inspired an entire universe of storytelling that resonates across today’s media – and games are one of the best ways to experience those stories,” said Dan Buckley, President of Marvel Entertainment. “As a global leader in online games, NetEase is the perfect fit to help bring the Marvel Universe to more fans around the world. We can’t wait to share more about the exciting new games and other content that will be developed with this partnership.”

I heard about NetEase from the recent book I’m reading, Alibaba– The House that Ma built. It’s really interesting and shows how the companies like NetEase, Sohu and China had to struggle hard to get success because of late Internet bubble burst.

If you want you can buy the book from here.



NBA Playoffs: Bucks win the Game 2 in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Bucks manage to win the Game 2 as Giannis Antetokounmpo lead the team to victory. Bucks lead the series by 2-0.

Milwaukee Bucks win the Game 2 with Giannis Antetokounmpo effort on the offense and defense sides. He led the team with 30 points, 17 Rebounds, 5 Assists, a steal and 2 blocks. Mirotic, Middleton, Bledsoe, Brogdon, Hill and Ilyasova contributed well for the Victory. The Bucks lead the way right from the First Quarter with 35-21 Run. And the final score being 125-103.

NBA Playoffs Bucks vs Raptors

Kawhi Leonard had a great game tonight with 31 points, 8 rebounds and 2 Assists. The Raptors got shorthanded to support Kawhi for the Victory. Raptors have lost the series because It wouldn’t be too difficult for them to bounce back now. Bucks lead the way and mostly will succeed for NBA Finals.

CW Network releases the trailer of Bat Vigilante Family’s Female member, Batwoman.

Batwoman has been introduced in the Crisis on Earth – X crossover of CW Arrowverse. Ruby Rose won hearts for the role.

The Bat Family member, Batwoman is seen in action with it’s new TV series which is about to release on CW Network. Kate Kane takes the responsibility of Gotham on her shoulders and runs to seek justice for Gotham.

Batwoman will arrive on CW Network in Fall 2019, mostly with all other character season which is August. The Series will air every Sunday after it is released. Batwoman TV Series

Arrow — “Elseworlds, Part 2” — Image Number: AR709d_0136b — Pictured (L-R): Ruby Rose as Kate Kane/Batwoman and Grant Gustin as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.The series will be a prequel of The Crisis as we can see the Suit doesn’t match at all. She uses Batman’s suit and then alters it accordingly. The suit is really badass and she’s ready to take the responsibility as Batwoman. Batman, Bruce Wayne has been missing and I think he would be returning in the season Finale.

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Flash Season 5 Finale gives a vibe the same as Avengers Infinity War’s. 

NBA Playoffs: Warriors take a win over Trail Blazers,lead the series by 2-0.

Golden State Warriors
In Game 1,The Splash Bros proved that even without KD they are the best team in the league. In Game 2 the same vibe goes on.

Splash Bros prove to be the champions of the league and lead the Warriors team even without Kevin Durant. They dare him to leave the team in 2019-2020 Season as he’s open for the Draft. Stephen Curry lead the team to victory, had 37 points. Klay Thompson was matched to C J McCullom. But he proves to the beat him always. He had 24 points tonight with 3 Rebounds and 2 Assists. Draymond did a great job rolling the ball to the players and had a defensive play over the court.

Trail Blazers against GSW

Trail Blazers had a better game than Game 1. Lillard and McCullom had done a great job to get the team to 111 points. While Warriors were leading by 3 points making it to 114 points. Damian had 23 points and 10 Assists which is really selfless. McCullom had 22 Points. Seth Curry had a great game with 16 Points off the Bench. He shows that he is really underrated while his shooting had improvd by 27% for the last season.

Stephen Curry is the real MVP and needs to be respected just like James and Wade said in a tweet. For Game 3 Trail Blazers need to work really hard on the defense and offense. Because Kevin Durant might be returning in Game 3.

NBA Playoffs: Lopez and Giannis take the Bucks to the server lead in Game 1.

As the Milwaukee Bucks take Toronto Raptors at Home (Fiserv Forum), Giannis Antetokounmpo and Brook Lopez taka the Bucks to lead the series.

Brook Lopez lead the Bucks with 11 Rebounds, 2 Assists and a total 29 Points. Giannis Antetokounmpo followed him to get 14 Rebounds, 6 Assists and 24 points. The others who played well were Middleton, Mirotic, and Bledsoe. The Bucks had a lead over Raptors by 108-100.

NBA Playoffs Bucks

Raptors didn’t get the grip over the Game 1,but Kawhi and Kyle managed to get their team to 100. Kawhi Leonard had 31 points with 9 Rebounds and 2 assists. Followed by Lowry who had 30 Points with 8 Rebounds and 2 Assists. Sikkim did a great job, Gasol had a defensive play with most rebounds.

Raptors really need to win game 2, or Bucks will take the series finals. Raptors need to work hard on getting Giannis to shoot 3’s which is not well for him. And Gasol and Sikkim need some more points on the Court to Tie it in Game 2.

Flash Season 5 Finale gives a vibe the same as Avengers Infinity War’s.

Flash Season 5 Finale aired today on CW NETWORK. If you have missed it please don’t read this. The post contains Major Spoilers.

Flash Season 5 Finale takes the next season to Crisis on Infinite Earths where Barry Allen, The Flash gets vanished. This is the worst nightmare for CW The Flash Fans. And one of them is me. I don’t want the  season to end, Grant Gustin has dine a great job just like Robert Downey Jr in CW The Flash.

The season Finale was really heart breaking. Fans knew they were going to lose someone in this season. And I didn’t really expect it to be Nora West Allen. She got disintegrated just like Reverse Flash did in Flash Season 1 Finale. The blue dust particles of Nora gives Vibe from Avengers Infinity War where half of the population from the universe git disintegrated due to Decimation.

Flash Season 5 Finale Spoiler

Nora is not dead forever. Because it’s Timeline. The Time Travel has always proved to be confusing. So I’ve made a post to explain Time Travel in 3 Parts. What is Time Travel? Consequences of Time Travel? And Avengers EndGame Time Travel. 

Just like Reverse Flash never got killed, She won’t die too. And I  think she’ll return in Season 6 or any other if this isn’t the last. And After the loss of Nora West-Allen, Team Flash went back to their usual activity. Cisco took Kamilla out on a date, Joe returned to the Central City Police Department, Sherloque Wells went back to his Earth, Caitlin developed a new costume and Ralph began to go through a stack of files on his desk. He picked the first case file off the pile and gave it a look. The name on the file was “Dearbon,” indicating that Sue’s Flash debut is just around the corner.