Hugh Jackman who plays the famous role of X-Men mutant, Wolverine is said to be in Avengers EndGame according to Google.

Well the A.I. Does teases Jackman being in Avengers EndGame, but certainly not Wolverine. After telling the fans, he won’t come back as Wolverine ever again, and after a big R-Rated hit Logan, Jackman is not going to come back as our Canadian Mutant.

Google Search results for Hugh Jackman Famous movies

After the Disney – Fox deal, X-Men will join MCU. And President of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige has said the development for X-Men into the MCU will finish till mid-2019. But Marvel will not accept any cast from the Fox Xmen Franchise. Marvel will bring a new Cast and roles for X-Men in MCU (But Ryan Reynolds remains our favorite Merc with a mouth, Deadpool).

Actor Hugh Jackman with the Legend Stan Lee

Google teases Hugh Jackman in Avengers EndGame and not Wolverine. There could be a cameo of Jackman in EndGame but surely not as Wolverine. And even if Wolverine appears it can be a cameo of him and Stan Lee and something related to give a last tribute to The Legend. Or even it can be a funeral scene for Mr. Stan Lee. Anything is possible, but Wolverine in Avengers EndGame is not going to happen.

Avengers EndGame hits cinemas on 26th April, 2019.


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