First of all a great Salute to the VFX Team, Sony Pictures. Venom and the other symbiotes, Riot, And the other 2 which were dead, were all awesome. 

Venom had no chance to stand against Riot, but then too he did all he could. Throughout the movie, humor was great, so 8.2/10 for that. Acting was really great, 9.1/10 for that. Cameo,I was waiting for that for the whole movie, Stan Lee always does a great cameo so no doubt, 9.7/10.

After that the chasing and action scenes, the most important part of superhero movies, 9.3/10. And after all that comes Sci-Fi, great level of thinking to bring symbiotes and humans together, For that 7.9/10.

And over-all movie rating 8.7/10. More of the Venom is left to see, Sony has planned a Trilogy and has signed a contract for Tom Hardy. 


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