The Gifted” Season 2 is going to Air on 25 September, on Fox TV

Season 1 was a great effort for the Mutants. Because the X-Men and Brotherhood are no more in the universe. So, now it all comes to Inner Circle and Mutant Underground to fight for the mutants. In the first season we saw many conflicts between Humans and Mutants, and after all that the Mutants got divided into Two Groups. One went with Emse Frost after the failure of Watchdog Program, being the Inner Circle. And other who were left were the Mutants Underground. 

Esme will have a baby in this Season which will be a very difficult time for Esme and Marcos. And Lauren and Andy are also divided but We’ll see them showing all of their powers in this season. 

This is the Civil War in X-Men Universe, Fans are going to see Conflicts between both of the Groups, one trying to hurt others and one trying to save them. 


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