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Avengers Infinity War had a Time Loop which will be a major part of the Victory for The Avengers.


One of the prevailing Avengers: Endgame fan theories out there says that the remaining Avengers will travel through time to beat Thanos and undo the snap. The heroes will supposedly move through time and universes to gather their own Infinity Stones, which they could use to wield tremendous power like Thanos did in Infinity War.

Doctor Strange is the primary candidate for messing with time, but he died in Infinity War, giving the Time Stone to Thanos just minutes before he did. However, Strange did see more than 14 million versions of the future battle against Thanos including the only outcome where the Avengers manage to beat him. In other words, he’s still going to play a significant role in the events that are about to happen in Endgame. Many expect Strange to have used the Time Stone on Titan to make sure certain events unfold in a particular way, the snap and his own death included. Now, a new fan theory argues that Marvel has hidden a time loop in plain sight in Infinity War, but we may have been too busy with other things to realize it.

Reddit user dat__dan713 argues that the battle on Titan is in a time loop, and that Star-Lord’s readings are a hint that everyone on the planet may be temporarily stuck inside the loop.

As the Endgame trailer shows us, everyone did die in Infinity War, so the time loop isn’t meant to allow them to defeat Thanos on Titan. That’s not how victory will be attained. Let’s not forget that many people blame Star-Lord for allowing Thanos to win on Titan, but that only happened because Strange never interfered. The magician could have stopped Quill from reacting impulsively to the news that Gamora died, but Strange didn’t do anything. This is the only way they can ultimately win, the doctor would tell Stark later in the film.

However, you don’t get to travel to the future to see over 14 million variations of future events without needing some time to do it. And that’s where the time loop may have helped. Strange needs time to see everything unfold, so he may require a temporary time loop to ensure he’s in control of everything.

If you recall in Dr. Strange’s solo film, when Strange originally fought Dormammu he used the Time Stone to create a time loop allowing him to move through alternate timelines, trapping Dormammu in a loop. The spell itself showed two rings on his upper and lower forearm (the lower one being smaller and tighter, and the upper being wider) it featured an open Eye of Agamoto with the stone glowing. Similarly, when Dr. Strange was viewing alternate futures in Infinity War it showed similar runes and bands, the only difference being it was on each arm and there was glowing green energy surrounding him. Which I gather to imply a heavier workload on strange and the stone.

The Redditor argues that Thanos pulling Titan’s moon over Tony Stark during the battle is what causes the axis tilt that Star-Lord measured:

A scene from Infinity War featured Star-Lord taking measurements on Titan, in which he said the planet was 8° off its axis and its gravitational pull is all out of whack. Before and during the time these measurements were taking place, strange was busy reviewing futures.

The theory says that the moon crashing into the planet is what could have caused those strange readings, and it all happens so fast that nobody other than Strange could be aware of it:

[W]hat I’m getting at is that Dr Strange began his spell before star lord started measuring, and as he was doing so Strange creates a time loop of sorts that has clearly already taken effect, where the repercussions of the moon’s impact are already seen before it actually happens. Now I’m not implying to know or grasp the big picture of this theory I’m only describing the idea that popped into my head after rewatching [Infinity War], and I assume others could add this to work in concert with some other Strange/Time Stone Endgame theories.

I do have a problem with this theory. Regardless of the order of events, an action in the future wouldn’t mess with the next version of the loop. The whole point of time lops is to be able to relive the same event without worrying about the consequences.

In Doctor Strange, whenever Strange dies the time loop resets, along with everything else. Only Strange and Dormammu are aware of what’s happening. Similarly, in Infinity War, the moon crashing into Titan shouldn’t interfere with Star-Lord’s readings in a separate iteration of the loop.

I do think that Strange has spent a ton of time investigating all those future events though, and possibly interfering with other versions of the past and future. He may not have needed to use a loop for everyone else, but only for himself to make sure whatever happens in alternate futures, he’d be brought back on Titan where he’d be able to keep reviewing alternate futures. That way, Strange wouldn’t care about dying while messing with the future or past, and he’d always be able to return to the same place on Titan right before Thanos arrives.

My other Avengers EndGame Time Loop Fan Theory.

Worlds of DC (DCEU) upcoming movies in next 3 years from Warner Bros. Studio


I think Avengers EndGame is killing every other superhero movie. It’s had for me to find something related to DC. But later this morning Fandom posted on it’s Social Media, upcoming DCEU projects by Warner Brothers.

There are 7 movies on DCEU fans on calendar for next 3 years. The first of them is about to release next to next month, Shazam!

Billy Batson is a streetwise 14-year-old who can magically transform into the adult superhero Shazam simply by shouting out one word. His newfound powers soon get put to the test when he squares off against the evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana.

The movie is directed by David Sandberg, and will hit cinemas on 5th April, this year. The production companies include Warner Bros., The Safran Company and New Line Cinemas. This will be the opener for DC this year, after the massive success of Aquaman.

The next one on the list is Joker by Todd Phillips, staring Joaquin Pheonix as Arthur (Joker).

Joker is a crime film distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and based on the DC Comics character Joker. It is intended to be the first film in a series of DC-based films separate from the shared DC Extended Universe.

The movie will be focusing on the Joker and will tease the origins of Joker. The movie will release on 4th October, this year. So there are two movies for DC Fans on 2019 Calendar.

The next one is Birds Of Prey and this is a full female casted movie with a female director, Cathy Yan. This movie will be focusing on all major female Superheroes of the DC Universe. Harley Quinn, Huntress and Black Canary battle crime kingpin Black Mask in Gotham City. But Black Mask will be a main villain.

Warner Bros. Released this screen test of the Movie and it’s really amazing. The movie will release on 7 February, 2020. A week before Valentine.

This movie was about to release this year but due to reshoots has been shifted to next year. Wonder Woman 1984, where we will see Steve Trevor back in action after being dead in the last movie.

The director for last Wonder Woman movie, Patty Jenkins will be directing the sequel. But the movie will be a prequel to Justice League, because of the timeline. The movie will release on 5th June, 2020.

DC Super Pets will be an animated movie by Warner Brothers and DC film which will release on 21th May, 2021.

This is no more information about the movie but will focus on Pet version of the Superhero.

This one is the most discussed DC film now, Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The movie is selecting the cast with same face and specific age. Some people want Eric Bana as Batman, while some want Jake Gyllenhaal as Him. Both of them have been in Marvels before. But there are chances of Nick Jonas to replace Ben Affleck. The movie will release on 25 June, 2021. And Matt Reeves will be directing the movie.

The Batman will mainly focus on The Detective side of Bruce Wayne and will show a younger version of him. Just like in the Gotham TV series.

The last but not least, Suicide Squad 2. James Gunn who is famous to direct Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 1 and Vol 2, (and also famous for his Tweets) has joined the opponents side and will direct Suicide Squad 2. The movie will not be a sequel but rather a reboot of the first one.

The movie will release on 6th of August in 2021,with there movies in a row for DC and Warner Bros.

Bonus: James Wan is called to direct Aquaman 2,but Wan wants a good script for the movie or else he will step back.

DC’s schedule for 2019.

Most Anticipated movies of 2019.

Avengers EndGame Title Logo reveals the synopsis for the movie.


People say that some of the fans have been shown Avengers EndGame special screening with some clips of the Movie. They were made to sign a contract that the wouldn’t reveal anything, because Marvel Studios and Russo Brothers want this movie to be a secret until the release. But fans who have seen it posted this anonymously on various platforms. But this one is suggested as a fan theory on Reddit by u/w2amit.

Every Avengers Logo has a hint about the synopsis of the Movie. Except the first one which don’t had any message but just a team up struggle of the Avengers. Avengers Age Of Ultron logo is Red, showing the introduction of Scarlett Witch showing Avengers their Fear. Avengers Infinity War was Golden because it showed the Soul Stone which is of the same colour. And at last Avengers EndGame which is Purple. Avengers Infinity War showed fans how Thanos got all the stones, except the Purple one, Power Stone.

Not even a clip of Xander was showed in the movie and how Thanos got the stone. This was because the director wanted it to be a big part in the Sequel. And the fans who were shown the screening said the same thing. The Power Stone is at the heart of the Movie.

All the fan theories says that Avengers EndGame will have Time Travel. And Tom Holland also teased it during an interview where he says that Benedict Cumberbatch talked a lot about the Quantum Realm. Antman And The Wasp said that Quantum Realm can be used for Time Travel through traveling in Time Vortex. So Time Travel is possible in Avengers EndGame.

But at what moment? Or Place? Well Thor is the one who knows Xander was destroyed and also told this to the Guardians. This is when Scott Lang will come and tell them about Time Travel and all of them will travel to Xander. But this theory doesn’t show us about the Fight scene.

But the fans who watched the screening say that after they Travel back in time at Xander, Captain Marvel is the one who retrieve the Power Stone. The theory doesn’t say that how Captain Marvel met The Avengers. Remember the events of Guardians of the Galaxy, when Quill tries to retrieve the stone but can’t do it until the guardians help him. This is where Captain Marvel fits in where she retrieves the Power Stone because if any Avenger touches it can die. Captain Marvel puts it in a container just like in Avengers Assemble animation series.

They all fight Thanos in Xander and don’t let him get the stone. Captain Marvel gives the Power Stone Container to Tony. He then gives it to Rhodey and he puts in a device mostly the Orb.

Captain Marvel punches Thanos in Face and Tony and Steve have a conversation and assemble and then after all there’s a big White blast and covers the screen and the screening ends. This can be the last fight where they defeat Thanos and reverse the Decimation.

Why do Asgardians get stronger as they began to grow old?


Asgard has played an important role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All it’s beliefs and people have been protecting the 9 realms for a long time. Asgard is the main realm of the 9 realms which exists in Marvel Cinematic Universe. And Asgardians have been evolving immensely, if we see Thor, Loki, Heimdall had been much more powerful then they were in the start.

Well this is a simple logic that people become stronger as time but Asgard is different. Midgard rules don’t affect Asgard. And this is where this theory can be used to prove Why Asgardians become stronger by time? In comics and animated series (Avengers Assemble) it is said that Asgardians become stronger as they grow old.

The theory says that this happens because of the deaths of other Asgardians which affect everyone. At first when Frigga dies in Thor :The Dark World, it affects Loki where he’s powers are enhanced that he can now even fake his own death(Expect the Avengers Infinity War’s) and rule over Asgard as Odin. And Thor also gets stronger because of this event and not only his Strength but his Intelligence is also affected. And then Asgard is direct shown in Phase 3.

In Thor: Ragnarok where Odin dies it affects both of the sons and to certain extent Heimdall too. Thor gets the Odin Force and Loki’s magic is enhanced too but still he was unsuccessful to outsmart Thor, this is where Thor is increasing his intelligence. And Heimdall was shown in action after all this time. But still Thor wasn’t that strong to defeat Hela, but he was smart enough to Revive Surtur and cause the Ragnarok.

In Avengers Infinity War, because of the death of Half Asgardian, Thor gets more powerful and it will also affect Valkyrie as she returns in Avengers EndGame. Thor becomes so powerful that he can take a direct shoot from a dwarf Star, which was never done by any Asgardian.

So as the time goes and Asgardians die they become stronger and smarter. The theory is given by a Reddit user u/soldieronspeed, and is very accurate according to the scenarios mentioned above. Asgard is very tricky place and because of it getting destroyed, MCU will now show it’s real Universe where they’ll focus on exploration of the Universe and not focusing on Asgard and Midgard.

Avengers EndGame Time Loop Fan Theory.


To understand this theory properly, you should know the powers of Time Stone, which was shown in Doctor Strange.

Note: Time Stone is shown to be very complicated Stone for other human and entities except the ones who know Mystic Arts.

Basically till now, Marvel Studios has shown only 3 powers of Time Stone,

Particular Object Time Travel- this was shown in Doctor Strange when Strange first uses the time Stone to Revive the Papers that Kaecilius had stolen, and after that to bring back the eaten apple. And In Avengers Infinity War, when Thanos used it to Revive the Mind Stone from Vision.

Zone Time Travel – This was shown in Doctor Strange where Strange used the Time Stone to bring everything back to normal in Honk Kong while fighting to Kaecilius.

Time Loop- this is the most complicated part of the theory. Time Loop can be created with a specific hand movement where the user creates a time loop which is infinite and everyone and everything around it gets stuck. This was also shown in the Doctor Strange movie when, Strange created a Time Loop to defeat Dormamu.

Let’s get back to the theory, the theory says that Thanos has accidentally created a time loop while Reviving the stone from Vision. This is the part of Doctor Strange’s plan. He has seen 14 Million possible futures, and in the one they win, Thanos accidentally creates a Time Loop and he never knows about it. As said before that, it’s impossible for a normal human or entity to use it properly. If we notice carefully, Mordo too stopped Doctor Strange from using to because a single mistake will make an infinite loop of time with no time and death.

If Thanos has created a Time Loop then how will the Avengers defeat him when Dormamu couldn’t defend Doctor Strange? This is when An Avenger kills Thanos and he brought back where the loop was Created, Wakanda. And then he does the same thing and snap again, but this time Avengers know about this and they travel back in time. (Thanks to Scott Lang and Quantum Realm).

They stay alert and take position accordingly in Wakanda where Thanos is brought back again and this Time Thor goes for the head and Thanos is killed. And few theories were such that The Living Tribunal will be in Avengers EndGame, well this could be true because if they use time accordingly and Living Tribunal knows this he will surely come for Avengers where someone has to sacrifice for the whole good. And this is where every detail and leaks come true.

This is just a fan theory, if you agree with his comment below or if you don’t add some points for this.