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What will happen to Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase 4 and Phase 5?


Although I see that fans will be excited to know that the next big bad of the MCU after Thanos will be someone like Kang the Conqueror, Doctor Doom, Annihilus or Dormammu, I believe that the seeds have already been planted for the arrival of a more domestic threat lurking on the horizon – the supervillain team known as the Dark Avengers.

In the comics, the Dark Avengers were formed in the aftermath of Secret Invasion with Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin) being elevated to head of SHIELD but then reforming SHIELD into HAMMER and using his newfound status and powers to create a team of Avengers that were actually supervillains in disguise. Throughout that story arc, Osborn and his team successfully bolster public opinion and shaping themselves to be the heroes of the day… that is until Osborn decides to engineer an excuse to invade the comic version of New Asgard and the invasion goes horribly wrong; and not only that, the truth about Osborn’s machinations is revealed and public opinion now sways back towards the OG heroes.

Now while we may not have Norman Osborn in the MCU nor other key players in that story – Sentry, Ares, Mac Gargan as Venom, Bullseye, Moonstone and the mutant Daken – it is still possible for this team to come together, be made legitimate in the public, and oppose the New Avengers (Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Ant-Man, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson – either one of them becoming the new Captain America while the other retains their other identity) in such a manner that the good guys are forced to work underground.

As for the seeds that have been planted, well:

  • Iron Man 2 introduced us to Justin Hammer and Hammer Industries. Although the end of that movie sees him arrested, it is possible that he will take advantage of the events of Infinity War and the chaos created by the Snap to escape prison and restart his industrial enterprises underground. Plus, the death of Tony Stark at the end of Endgame will leave some wiggle room for Hammer Industries to be reinstated as a legitimate industrial player in the manufacturing of powered armour suits. His return to the corporate spotlight will be fuelled by his desire for revenge against Pepper Potts and James Rhodes.
  • Captain America: Civil War and Infinity War showed us how distrustful General Thunderbolt Ross is of the metahuman/superhuman community and since we don’t have a confirmation that William Stryker will make an appearance despite the Fox-Disney merger, Ross seems to be the ideal person to look to as the figure who will play on people’s fears of the unknown and manipulate events such that he can then have an excuse to bring such people to heel. With the chaos caused in light of Infinity War and Endgame, it looks like he may have renewed vigor in pursuing this cause.
  • As we have seen at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, the people of Asgard will need to rebuild at a new location – and Odin has designated a place in Norway to be the spot they need. Although we see that population getting annihilated in Infinity War, it is likely that Endgame will end up with that Asgardian population resurrected and thus the dominion of New Asgard being established.
    But by establishing this dominion at all, the Asgardians open themselves up to possibilities of prejudice/xenophobia from the human community on the planet.
  • Black Panther ended with T’Challa announcing the truth about Wakanda and its access to the rare metal vibranium. As that movie has outlined, the secret has been kept well-hidden out of fear that the technology will be stolen and misappropriated for malicious purposes. Even with the guarantee from T’Challa that there will be oversight and education about the material to the outsiders, there is no denying that foreign agents will look to steal and then reverse-engineer the technology so they can stand even with the Wakandans.
  • Captain Marvel will introduce us to the Skrulls and it can be safe to say that this will pave the way for a Secret Invasion-style phase/event to occur in the MCU with Skrulls infiltrating Earth’s scientific, political, industrial, economic, cultural and martial elite hoping to create chaos that can be taken advantage of. Humans on Earth will start feeling paranoid about who they can and cannot trust, and will run around in fear about what will happen when the invasion does eventually occur.

So it’s fair to say that in the aftermath of Endgame with the deaths of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, the revelation and paranoia about aliens living among us humans possessing advanced technology, and the revelation of advanced technology in the hands of the Wakandan people/nation, the world will be seen by Thunderbolt Ross as losing its rudder – the United States in particular losing its prestigious status as the mightiest nation on the planet – and he, along with the help of Justin Hammer, will be the one to set it right. He will activate ‘Project: Thunderbolt’ and begin using his government-approved team of ‘Thunderbolts’ to do the jobs that SHIELD and the New Avengers will coincidentally fail to contain properly if at all. Public support for them will rise throughout the films and so will xenophobic sentiment directed against the Asgardians and Wakandans. This will culminate in a ‘Siege’-type event where Earth’s military and the ‘Thunderbolts’ invade New Asgard only for them to be beat back by both the Asgardians, the New Avengers and whatever allies they can gather throughout the two phases, and the truth about the ‘Thunderbolts’ and Ross to be revealed.

Now as for who is going to make up this team of ‘Thunderbolts’, I can only speculate but I can give you an idea about the first person to be on the roster aside from Ross and Hammer: Boris Bullski/Andy Stockwell, the Titanium Man.

Since Iron Man 2 showed how unsuccessful the world’s superpowers were in recreating the Iron Man armour due to Tony’s secrecy, it is more than likely that his death in Endgame will leave some copyright issues hanging in the air giving Justin the loophole he needs in order to discover Tony’s secret to his Iron Man suit design and reverse-engineer it such that he can create the Titanium Man powered armour suit as the team’s contestant against not only War Machine but Vision too.

That’s who I believe will get the ball rolling as we finish Phase 3 and enter Phase 4. As for the rest of the team, my guess (which is more a hunch than a hypothesis) will be:

  • A disillusioned Kree soldier (maybe Noh-Varr) that will serve as the team’s counterpart to Captain Marvel
  • A Skrull mercenary that will serve as the team’s counterpart to Captain Marvel
  • A powerful ‘wizard’ that will serve as the team’s counterpart to Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch (I doubt Baron Mordo could fill this role, but who knows?)
  • Batroc the Leaper, serving as the team’s counterpart to Captain America
  • Ragnarok, a cybernetic clone of Thor that will serve as the team’s counterpart to King Thor and possibly Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange
  • Someone that can fill a reverse-engineered vibranium power suit to stand toe-to-toe with Black Panther

Again, the team’s roster is speculation but one thing is certain, at least to me: there will be a supervillain team forming in the MCU’s next phase – and we can see the writing on the wall that there will be a ‘Dark Reign’ over the Earth for the forseeable future.

This is just a fan theory suggested by u/TMfriend10 from Reddit.

This is also suggested by ComicBook. And this post is a detailed version of it.

Jeremy Conrad tweets and teases appearance of Late Marvel Characters in Avengers EndGame.


Jeremy Conrad tweeted this today and teased appearance of some major Marvel Characters who are dead.

HattoriHanzo asked this to Jeremy Conrad about appearance of some Marvel Characters which fans expect to be in Avengers EndGame. Jeremy Conrad replied, “Not the Kate Bishop Part. And there’s been no mention of Korg either.”

He didn’t tell anything about, Crossbones, Howard Stark, Peggy Carter and Ancient One. All the characters are dead in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Crossbones died in a suicide attempt in Civil War. Howard Stark was killed by Bucky Barner. Peggy died due to old age. And Ancient One died during a fight with Kaecilius.

Jeremy just mentioned about Kate Bishop and Korg not being in the movie, but what about the others? There will be some or the other role of these characters who are dead. Most of the theories say that there is time travel in Avengers EndGame. And if that part is true these characters will be seen on the big screen once again.

Crossbones actor, Frank Grillo also teased his character’s return in Avengers EndGame.

Possible Captain Marvel Plot(Leaked)


Now that early reactions are out from Marvel’s “friends and family” screening, some spoilers apparently leaked out with them. I’ll give y’all the rundown.

  • Mar-Vell is in the movie somewhere, and he may be Hunter Parrish’s character. Parrish’s role is described as being one of the most important in the movie’s story. Parrish’s face is clearly shown, and his role is explicitly not Adam Warlock.
  • Jude Law is indeed portraying Yon-Rogg, who is the secondary villain of the film. His role is connected to a major plot twist, although his story is similar to how it was in the original comics – just with a different situation to mix things up.
  • Annette Bening is the Supreme Intelligence, and apparently she’s the main villain.
  • At least part of the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War appears in Captain Marvel. The movie is very much a prelude for Avengers: Endgame.
  • Carol gets along quite well with Nick Fury and Maria Rambeau, and the latter is actually quite upset by her absence.
  • Captain Marvel has a badass, female-empowering action scene comparable to the “No Man’s Land” sequence in Wonder Woman.
  • The movie is more on the serious side with occasional humor, comparable to Captain America: Civil War.
  • There are a lot of surprises with the villains, including Ronan.
  • The movie may potentially set up Secret Invasiondown the road.
  • The movie hints at why Nick Fury never called Carol for help earlier.
  • Carol and the mysterious character played by Parrish may have a romantic relationship.
  • Stan Lee’s cameo happens in the middle of the movie.
  • On an unrelated note: Brie Larson gives a charismatic performance that the trailers haven’t really done justice to, and Goose steals the show. And the action is some of Marvel’s best.

A majority of this information came from this guy, who just started posting on Twitter, so you can see his whole feed at this point and get a general idea of what’s being revealed. He refused to comment on whether or not Carol can time-travel, how much of the film is set on Earth, how Nick Fury loses his eye, or if there are any important cameos that he could hint at (including Thanos).

How much time did Doctor Strange spent to watch the possible outcomes for Avengers EndGame?


I posted a Theory on Avengers Infinity War Time Loop.

The theory will help to link with this one. If you want to understand this fully, read it by Clicking on the above link. Let’s get back to the topic.

The Time stone is one of the most powerful Infinity stones, we see it used in Dr Strange when Strange decided to defeat Dormammu using it. We know that he was in a time loop with Dormammu even though he hasn’t properly used the stone before he was able to figure out a way. Now in the movie we only see like 10 – 15 loops but Nobody will give up that quickly… when asked the director told that Strange spent a good amount of time in the loop that he learn a lot about the stone and its power and we see Strange has improved a lot in Infinity War (Was one of the most powerful among others). Even though he could fight Maw… He fought Thanos very well ( If Thanos fought without the Gaunlet then Strange would have easily won the fight ).

In Titan Strange sits down and actually looks at 14,000,605 alternate future and that looks like he just spent only a minute or two doing it, now we don’t know much about Time Stone and how it works but we know that he would have to look through time as if he is watching a movie or he couldn’t have actually experienced it with loops and stuff to save him… either way he would have spent a lot of time.

14,000,605 x 3 hours (He would definitely spent more per timeline…maybe months in some.. but like in the movie lets take the 3 hours) = 42001815 hours which is 4795 years round off to 5000 years

In those 5000 years he would have learned a shit ton of things and this is how he could even put up a fight with Thanos with different kind of powers and specially without the stone

what do you think? I think he would be one of the main reason to defeat Thanos but One of the OG six Avengers will execute it… Probably Stark because he saved him even though he said he wouldn’t.

Billy Russo is very delusional about the damage done to his face, Punisher Season 2.


At the end of Season 1 of Netflix’s Punisher, we see Frank absolutely annihilate Billy Russo’s face by excessively smashing it into a mirror. This was so bad in fact, Frank gave him brain damage, causing memory loss. It isn’t until Season 2, Episode 4, do we finally see Billy’s face right after his escape from the psych ward. His scars are deep, but lacking in number and damage. If anything, they’re vanity scars; just enough to make him abnormal or villainous but still good looking. This reveal was hyped and teased a lot, only to give us something lackluster. Personally, I was expecting comic book and “Punisher: Warzone” film levels of mangled… but then I thought, maybe he really is messed up, and we’re seeing the version of Billy that he wants us to see.

In episode 3, Billy manages to escape the psych ward he was placed in. When he removes the mask for the first time where Krista(the therapist) could see(we cannot see), she looks shocked. The kind of shock where you look away. A reaction that doesn’t match the face we eventually see. He even states “There’s no making this right”. He leaves the mask with Krista, a move that he doesn’t want questioned; A display of action that says he’s accepted his face’s fate, and it doesn’t need any further discussion. Despite going out into public without the mask, Billy quickly realizes how self-conscious he still is about his face. He tries to hide it with his hoodie, but quickly drops the facade of not caring what others think once people start seemingly insulting him during conversation.

At the midpoint of the season, Billy, with the help of Krista, says he wants to “put the best version of himself” out into the world. At this point, he is fully delusional about the state of his face, despite never hiding it again. Prior to this, he was willing to kill on impulse at the mere mention or mocking of his scars, but has now buried the true nature of his face so deep, he simply acknowledges that a major wrong has been committed against him. Others who have seen the damage have a knee-jerk reaction; even those on Frank’s side of this war show uncertainty about their alignment with him because of his willingness to be so violent.

Jumping ahead in Episode 10, “Flustercluck”, Billy sneaks into Agent Madani’s apartment. Upon seeing him, she remarks “They did a hell of a job fixing your face, considering…”. I don’t believe this to be her saying he looks good, but that he has basic function of his face without limitation. Billy hardly acknowledges this comment, and goes straight into the interaction between them on that fateful night.

Lastly, even during his run-ins with Frank, his delusion is so strong, we’re not allowed to see what Billy truly looks like from Frank’s perspective. He HAS to be better than Frank, never admitting his weaknesses in the “face” of his biggest enemy. In Billy’s final moments, he “apologizes” for everything he’s done to Frank, but because we still see the same vanity-scarred Russo, we know his words are empty, and so does Frank, which is why he kills him before he can finish his “plea” for help.