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Chris Evans saying Goodbye after Reshoots

Goodbye from Chris Evans

Chris Evans tweeted and said Goodbye after wrap shooting for Avengers 4(Reshoots).

This surely means no more Captain after Avengers 4. And wrapped reshoots means soon we’ll see the trailer and title for Avengers 4.

Venom Spoiler Free Review


First of all a great Salute to the VFX Team, Sony Pictures. Venom and the other symbiotes, Riot, And the other 2 which were dead, were all awesome. 

Venom had no chance to stand against Riot, but then too he did all he could. Throughout the movie, humor was great, so 8.2/10 for that. Acting was really great, 9.1/10 for that. Cameo,I was waiting for that for the whole movie, Stan Lee always does a great cameo so no doubt, 9.7/10.

After that the chasing and action scenes, the most important part of superhero movies, 9.3/10. And after all that comes Sci-Fi, great level of thinking to bring symbiotes and humans together, For that 7.9/10.

And over-all movie rating 8.7/10. More of the Venom is left to see, Sony has planned a Trilogy and has signed a contract for Tom Hardy. 

Daredevil Season 3 Trailer is Here.


After stopping Punisher from killing people in season 2,Daredevil will be more like Frank in this season. “Darkness only response to darkness.” Fisk is out of the prison after making an agreement, No one knows what. 

Another Daredevil is running around the city, just to make people believe that Daredevil is the real devil and is the only threat for the city. 

Lobo in Krypton Season 2


Krypton has casted it’s most dangerous and evil villain Lobo for Season 2.

Emmett J. Scanlan has been casted as Lobo DC’s Most Powerful Villain. Lobo is such an evil minded villain that he killed his own species and is the only one left. 

Most of you are not familiar with Lobo. He has Genius Level Intellect when it comes to warfare and is also a deadly adversary. He is immortal and has superhuman Strength and other superhuman abilities.