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Mark You’re Fired.


Another Marketing Strategy by MARVEL STUDIOS

After the Jimmy Fallon show, Mark Ruffalo tweeted Jimmy Fallon to remove all the scenes where he revealed Avengers 4 title, which many people have figured out by the lipsync to be Annihilation, and other Final battle scenes of Avengers 4

This is another strategy of MARVEL, like it has been doing since years and Mark Ruffalo hasn’t been Fired. It was just a troll for Marvel Fans, so everybody chill. But there are chances of Title being ANNIHILATION

Spiderman Far From Home, Set Footages.


Spiderman Far From Home hasn’t wrapped shooting yet so every week we are seeing many leaks from the sets. 

Comic Artwork


We’ll be adding some Comic Art work made by me and my Friends. It will include all Logos, Figures, and other fictional characters that we have made, so stay tuned.

Daredevil New Promo.