Fox has been working for Gambit, starring Channing Tatum. Even after Disney-Fox deal, Fox is not stepping back with this Mutant.

Fox knows that the fans are waiting for this movie for a long time. Fox wants this to be shoot at New Orleans, and they first have a few crew members with Gore Verbinski as the director but now they have changed all of it. They are looking for a new crew, and till now director hasn’t been confirmed.

Simon Kinberg will be the producer and the shooting is said to start production in Early 2019,And Channing Tatum has confirmed that it will be in the time of March.

But Fox has also said that it would affect their deal with Disney even after Buying the Assets, just like X-Men Dark Pheonix and X-Men New Mutants for which Most of the fans are not bothered about. Fox has been moving dates for all it’s movie because of the Disney-Fox deal. Otherwise Gambit was to be released in June/July 2019.


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