Netflix Thailand tweeted this on it’s feed yesterday,stating the release date of Daredevil Season 3.If translated in English,It says,”I was dying as a devil.I live a better life as Mattew Murdock.October 19 Meet Daredevil Season 3.”

The first two season were a big hit given by Marvel in TV series.Both the season had Wilson Fisk AKA King Pin as the villain. But this one is rumored to have Bullseye as the main villain. Last time we saw Mattew Murdock getting buried under a building in The Defenders and was sawed by some nuns I guess.

Daredevil will come back and we all knew that and it’s time we’ll see him again in action.Some of you who have ben reading my post will be knowing that October is going to awesome because of some TV series and movies ready to take their flight.Flash Season 5 ,Black Lightning Season 2 ,Tom Hardy’s Venom and now Daredevil Season 3.



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