Most of the DC fans would have seen it’s TV series Black Lightning which was aired on CW Network on 16th Of January¬† consisting of 13 episodes only and went as a successful TV series with Flash Season 4.

Directed by Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil starred Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce AKA Black Lightning, Nafessa Williams as Thunder, China Anne McClain as Lightning and Krondon as Tobias Whale.

Tobias Whale had met at the time when Jefferson Became Black Lightning and once they were enemies long before the timeline shown in the series(People who have seen this series would be knowing this). Black Lightning had retired after the worst fight he had with Whale and had rested for a long time being the Principal.

Jefferson came back as Black Lightning after knowing that the GreenLight(drug which gave powers or enhanced abilities to humans) was running around in the city. And this drug gave Her Daughter the powers she has now and is now known as Lightning.

Season 2 will air on 9th October with Flash And on the same platform CW Network with 3 more episodes compared to season 1,That means 16 Episodes.


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