According to a fan theory by Dyberzz on Reddit, there are chances of having a new character in Avengers EndGame.

Marvel Studios Avengers:Endgame

The theory says a new character named Adam Roderick can be introduced in Avengers EndGame. Captain America has the compass same from Captain America :The First Avenger which contains Peggy’s picture. If noticed it shows the direction to Northeast. If assumed they are in the New York Base and heads towards Northeast, according to the Map, there’s a place called Svalbard.

Adam Roderick, Karnak #1 (2016)

In comics, Adam Roderick is from Svalbard. Who is he? He was introduced in 2016’s Karnak #1 and last appeared in Karnak #6. He can influence his surroundings and people surrounding him. He can teleport anyone everywhere he wants to. Can the theory says he can be the one who helps Ant-man to escape Quantum Realm.

There can be some chances of him getting introduced at this point. And would be a great introduction to the Avengers.

Avengers EndGame is hits cinemas on 26th April, 2019.


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