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Guardians of the Galaxy #2(The Final Gauntlett) of 6 – Details.


If you have missed the first issue of Guardians of the Galaxy #1, then first read it and then return to this. If you want to read the full issue you can join our TELEGRAM GROUP and ask for it.

The story starts right after The Black Order take away Thanos’s Dead body. They opened a portal kind of thing and vanished almost everyone on the ship. Then Peter Quill is seen talking to someone (because of the bubbles). Quill is talking about the whole incident (happened in Guardians of the Galaxy #1).

He’s talking to Kitty from XMen. He says that he wanted to talk to someone who is not a tree(Groot), or horse(Beta Ray Bill), or demon(Ghost Rider) or bunch of cops(Nova). They talked alot and Quill did ask for help but Kitty knew he was drunk.

Then the Black Order attack Knowhere, and get to Collector to ask for Thanos’s Head. He said that he didn’t knew who he sell it to. He didn’t remember it clearly. But then Hela makes a deal for his life and he has to tell them.

Then Quill went to Vell and also talked to them and gave them some stuff of Drax and Gamora. And while returning to his room he heard some sounds and it can to be Groot and Ghost Rider arguing and fighting to each other.

Groot can now bring out more duplicates of him but in a smaller size. Quill stops them and tries to be the peace treaty. But they don’t listen to him and start fighting once again, where one of the small Groot hit Quill on his legs.

But then Vell uses her powers to stop Ghost Rider and he really felt it. The Ghost Rider here is non other than our favorite Punisher, Frank Castle. This was also revealed in Guardians of the Galaxy #1.

Quill gets to know the reason why they are fighting and says that those who want to kill Gamora and go ahead and those who want to protect her can stay. Where Ghost Rider leaves the ship and also teases Groot and Beta Ray Bill. Bill also warns him to never meet them again.

This was a great scene where Gladiator is shown to rescue Eros from the portal. Eros face is half burnt just like Two-Face. They plan to save the universe at any means necessary.

The survivors of the Portal attack came together and made a team. They were on a mission to save the universe and thereby look out for the Black Order.

Then Eros also asks Nebula that was hse fine if they kill her sister. Where Nebula totally agreed him and also was ready with her new Bio-mechanical Gun attached to her arms.

They all agree to kill Gamora but they didn’t knew where to find her. Nebula answered that she will definitely tell her lover whom she loves or loved she wasn’t even sure. Let’s guess who could it be? She knew where to find the guy, Wherever there’s trouble.

If you thought it was going to be Quill, welcome to the wrong squad. I thought the same. He was Richard Rider, Nova. The timeline has changed due to the events of Avengers Infinity War in comics. So we can see major changes in characters like Ghost Rider and Gamora and Drax getting killed with Thanos without head. But this series is quite interesting. The storyline is very unique and thrilling. The question is where id Thanos Head, what place did Collector tell it would be?

To know the answer obviously we need to read the next issue which will be released next to next week. Till then take care everybody. And keep Reading and coming back to ComicalConcepts.

All the Copyright belongs to Marvel Comics.

Marvel’s Avengers EndGame Prelude #3(of 3) Details.


If you haven’t watched our Avengers EndGame Prelude details and Marvel’s Avengers EndGame Prelude #2 Details, then go read it first to link it completely.

The scene of the comics start with the Guardians of the Galaxy trying to take down the Avengers. Guardians tell the Avengers that if they don’t say where Gamora was they’ll kill them all. Where the most favorite dialogue of Drax can into action. “I’ll do you one better, why is Gamora?”

Then the scene changes just like in the Movie Avengers Infinity War. Nevadellir, where Thor, Rocket and Groot team up and build a Thanos-Killing Weapon. The scenes of the comics are all from the movie itself. If you have watched the movie, You’ll just Revise it fully in forms of pages and nothing extra is added. This is for the secrecy of Avengers EndGame.

The Titan scene occurs once again, where they are arguing for a better plan and Doctor Strange is enjoying Avengers EndGame in infinite loop. It took him 5000 years to see all the possible outcomes for Avengers EndGame.

After that Thanos and his Daughter go to Vormir to get the Soul Stone. Thanos sacrifices the only thing he loved and never said it to anyone. It’s the worst surprise anyone could get. Thanos had denied his destiny once but not now, not anymore.

Captain America/Nomad with Falcon, Vision, Wanda, Bruce and Rhodey came to Wakanda for assistance. But the Black Order ruined the party with an army. But Avengers didn’t had Hulk, so they got a better choice, HulkBuster made by Iron Man which was given to him by Rhodes.

Thor used his full potential to get hit by a star and survive. He made the weapon with the help of Eitri and Groot helped to get him a handle. But the important question is will we see Eitri in Avengers EndGame?

The epic Superhero entry takes place where Thor arrives in Wakanda. Thor can now summon the Bifrost with the help of his Stormbreaker which was shown in the Movie Avengers Infinity War.

Yes, BRING ME THANOS. The most dangerous dialogue you can say. Black Order’s(Cull Obsidian, Proxima Midnight) reaction was epic in this scene.

The epic Titan Battle where Doctor Strange gives the time Stone to Thanos. “We’re in the Endgame now.” Thanos Defeats Tony Stark and nearly kills him. But Marvel can’t kill Tony Stark so easily. Thanos then leaves for the Final and last stone at Wakanda.

He gets the stone, nearly gets himself killed from Thor and finally does what he wanted. He snap his fingers to cease the population half to dust.

I was really wondering how Marvel will show the Decimation in the comics, but they stand at my expectations. The Decimation and dusting is shown perfectly. The post credit scene is not added in this one, because it’s shown in Captain Marvel Prelude.

The Prelude series was just a recap of Avengers Infinity War because they wanted it to be secret. The next issue coming up is Spiderman Far From Home Prelude. I think they’ll reveal something about the after snap event. But let’s hope we get a very little detail of after snap effect.

All Of the Copyright goes to Marvel Comics.

Who made the weaponry for The Black Order in Avengers Infinity War?


Nothing is really known about the weaponry used by the Children Of Thanos but their weapons share some properties with other Dwarven weaponry.

Black Order in Avengers Infinity War

They can be called to return to the users hand like Mjolnir. Corvus Glaive’s Glaive and Proxima Midnight’s Trident are both shown flying back towards their owners, out of the hands of the heroes. Cull Obsidian has some level of control over his hammer thing though it is connected by some kind of chain.

They can resist the power of the Infinity Stones. Just like the Infinity Gauntlet was created to harness the power of the stones, we see the Glaive deflecting and returning and energy blast from Vision with the Mind Stone.

The Glaive also seriously messes up Vision where nothing had previously been seen to harm him, the only other time we see Vision take damage is from Thanos though he may not have needed the Gauntlet’s power.

So yeah, a few powers inline with other Dwarven gear, I think the Dwarves also made the weaponry of the Black Order when they were forced to make the Infinity Gauntlet.

Spectre from The Avengers(2012)

Also, no doubt they made Loki’s Sceptre too which harnessed the power of the Mind Stone, and possibly even they made the Tesseract containing the Space Stone.

This is just a fan theory, there is no such confirmation about the information given above. Also the theory is suggested by u/Bangersss from Reddit.

Captain Marvel’s initial reactions are very postive and praising it’s Origin, Tone and Character.


Initially critics rated Captain Marvel as PG-13 and now the reactions for the Movie are out on Social Media. It’s getting a very positive response, and people are praising it’s Origin Story, the movie’s tone and Carol Danver’s Character Development.

Captain Marvel is Marvel Studios first female lead character movie and obviously the next one is Black Widow which will be R-Rated. The positive response for Captain Marvel proves that Marvel and bring up Captain Marvel to the competition against DC’s Wonder Woman. The reactions are here….. ⬇️

Read the reactions carefully. People are loving Goose and Nick Fury very much.

All the Religion and Mythology in Marvel Universe is based off Actual Events.


A theory suggested by u/Cinnasol a Reddit user, says that every religion and Mythology of Marvel Cinematic Universe is based off of some actual events.

This is pretty common speculation in the real world, but I think in the MCU it’s almost a given.

Thor is my primary example. Everything about Asgard and Norse mythology exists in “Midgard” as legend/mythology (I’m sure he could’ve avoided a lot of headache with Hela had he read up on his own mythology).

Even “El Dorado” is real in the MCU. In Black Panther, Klau straight up says that Wakanda is what that legend is based off of.

Since Thor, and “El Dorado” are real then it only makes sense that other legends/religions are based off of real things too. Another example? In Ant-Man and the Wasp, when everyone is discussing Ghost and how her powers work, Kurt compares her to the Baba Yaga of Russian folklore.

That’s when I got thinking about this speculation. It’s entirely possible the Baba Yaga was a real witch (she could’ve been a sorcerer like Dr. Strange), who managed to control Quantum Phasing with magic.

In the comics, there are many more direct references from mythologies, so it’s entirely possible that the MCU is similar in that those legends are real in some sense, but have scientific or cosmic explanations. If they ever decide to introduce Blade it could be expanded upon even further.